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You read them, you post about them, do you listen to shows about them?

SlaughterBeastSlaughterBeast Registered User regular
edited March 2012 in Graphic Violence
Hey Folks, I was wondering, if people are, what comic podcasts do people listen to?
One thing I'm glad for about my job is that I can listen to stuff all day so I got a few.
Here are my podcasts I listen to:
11 O'Clock Comics
Around Comics-They have been somewhat monthly
Uncanny X-Cast
Word Balloon
Aw Yeah Podcast
And sadly Tom Vs. Aquaman ended or is on hiatus

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  • HadjiQuestHadjiQuest Registered User regular
    iFanboy occassionally, but not since the DC Reboot. I still read their Pick of the Week column sometimes.

    I've just never been able to get into podcasts, and I know this sounds super douchey, but if I was going to listen to podcasts I'd much rather spend my time catching up on local and national NPR shows I missed, and stuff like Democracy Now!, rather than comics and movie/tv stuff. If I'm going to invest a few additional hours each week to something, I'd rather be expanding my horizons than digging deeper into stuff I'm already fully versed in.

  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    I listen to War Rocket Ajax on a regular basis. They have good guests and are pretty fun guys to listen to.

  • CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    I listen to WRA, and occasionally some other depending on the guest (if someone in my twitter feed says they were interviewed on Loikamania or something).

    I used to listen to Word Balloon, but I stopped because I just couldn't stand it anymore. I'm not going to pretend to be surprised that these folks aren't going to challenge their guests in the slightest, but at least WRA is amusing and expects more of their guests than to just shill their books to just shoot the shit about random stuff, which is a common theme of all the podcasts I listen to.

  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    Yeah, like the time that Chris got into a whole discussion with Mark Waid about the thematic and story implications of Superman and Lex Luthor knowing each other as teenagers. That's still one of the best episodes of WRA I've ever heard. Also just a couple weeks ago, they had a really good in depth discussion with Sam Humphries.

  • SlaughterBeastSlaughterBeast Registered User regular
    Yeah on Word Balloon he has some good interviews, but I totally agree on the challenging the guests. There were so many times I wished John said something to Fraction or Bendis about some dumb BS but he doesn't. Most likely not wanting to ruin the friendships he's developed with them

    I listed to WRA for a few episodes. The only reason it got cut was that I was just listening to too much stuff and it was a "Last one in, first one out" scenerio.

    On a related note: I love Adam WarRock's Firelfly album. So good!

  • WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
    Now I'm sad, no one else listens to Geek Time? They have tons of great interviews on Geek Time, Bendis, Stan, Waid, etc have all done full sit in shows

    It's on the Stern Sirius FM channel and is also available here most of the time

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  • MunchMunch Registered User regular
    I too am a big War Rocket Ajax fan. I credit that show with encouraging me to continue making comics, as well as going back to college, to take art classes. So, yeah. Big fan. I miss the longer episodes they used to do, though. I think the weird little tangents and random discussions are what made the earlier shows so great.

    Additionally, I think any of the episodes where they have people they know on, like Remender, Parker, Coover, Fraction, or any of the people in their little circle of friends, tend to be stronger than the ones where it looks like Comics Alliance just arranged an interview for them. I think they're at their best when they're relaxed, and just shooting the shit with the people they know. Naturally though, it can make things pretty stagnant when you keep bringing back the same ten people.

    I also enjoy Awesomed By Comics, though the quality of the episodes hinge solely on the shittiest thing Evie and Aaron buy that week. If it's a good week for comics, then their show can be pretty boring. If it's a bad week for comics, their show can be amazing. And it's always fun when Chris Sims shows up to guest-host, because he has a tendency to stumble in there like a wrecking ball.

    Incidentally, the episodes of WRA where Let's Be Friends Again's Chris and Curt show up, are great for the same reason.

    I also enjoy listening to any of the Inkstuds episodes featuring Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, or Marley Zarcone. There was an episode that had a discussion about James Stokoe's secret desire to be reincarnated as a cat with human hands, that was pretty hilarious. On one side you have Stokoe's friend Graham, gleefully describing how Stokoe wants, "-- gross, meaty, baby-hands," and on the other side you have Zarcone, Stokoe's wife, reacting to the idea with horror and revulsion.

    I still catch the occasional episode of Word Balloon, if I like the guest. Jeff Parker's always pretty fun to listen to, for instance. But, while I like John Siuntres' "radio" voice, I don't really care for his impersonation shtick. Though, it can be pretty funny when he uses it on Bendis, who will react in some deadpan, utterly unimpressed fashion.

    Yeah, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Mainly because I spend a lot of time drawing stuff when I'm at home, and Netflix is too distracting.

  • JyrenBJyrenB Registered User regular
    Word Balloon and the Aw Yeah Podcast are my bread and butter while I work. I love how Siuntres handles his show and interviews. Great stuff for me to listen to while laying out pages, scripting, or what have you. For me, at least.

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  • CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    edited March 2012
    I'm also not a fan of the writers (and goddamn there is a severe shortage of artist representation in these podcasts) that Siuntres has on enough to be a series: Bendis, Loeb, and Fraction most of the time. I also don't really give much of a crap about teases and news and a lot of stuff like that anymore, and at least on WRA Remender and Parker and others have gone into detail into their writing and drawing processes and how they interact with their collaborators. I don't want to hear a Q&A consisting of "Why did X do Y" or worse "Will X do Z?" because the former is something that I can either read (in which case it's a stupid question) or is a sign of bad writing, and the latter is just going to be teased and I don't care. I also went back into the archive and listened to Siuntres interview Meltzer a couple of times to see if he ever talked about why Identity Crisis is shit (Clearly I have a bias), and it was basically one softball "There's some controversy" and such a goddamn lawyer non-answer (because it turns out Meltzer is a lawyer who worked on Capitol Hill) that I wanted to throw my iPod at the wall for wasting my time. I did come to realize that as much as my own path was trending towards his at the time I don't ever, ever, ever want to become a writer like him.

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  • JyrenBJyrenB Registered User regular
    Honestly, the best Word Balloons aren't the Q and A ones for me. I like when he just does the interviewing himself. Usually stronger questions and he pushes a bit more depending on things. There's a lot more of the process talk there, usually, but I can understand not being a fan of the other stuff.

    And as I think about it, I have no real desire to hear people talk about why things suck or other negativity overall. I'm much happier listening to positive talk. Is it not necessarily hard hitting? Nah, but the Siuntres doesn't ever claim it is, either.

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  • CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    Yeah, I know it's stupid. But so was I.

  • Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    To be fair, Identity Crisis was really bad.

  • Crimson KingCrimson King Registered User regular
    the Mindless Ones podcast is the only podcast i listen to

    they share all my opinions and last week they did a song about the eternal mystery of the Thing's penis

    is it rock, or is it flesh, or is it even there at all? what goes on beneath those tight blue shorts? mankind may never know

  • RansRans Registered User regular
    I don't listen to any comics podcasts.

  • SlaughterBeastSlaughterBeast Registered User regular
    the Mindless Ones podcast is the only podcast i listen to

    they share all my opinions and last week they did a song about the eternal mystery of the Thing's penis

    is it rock, or is it flesh, or is it even there at all? what goes on beneath those tight blue shorts? mankind may never know

    It's such a mystery, the History Channel is gonna have it as a show after "Finding Sasquatch"

  • AriviaArivia Registered User
    They're going to find it in the caverns of Cappadocia.

  • herojoeherojoe IndianapolisRegistered User regular
    I used to listen to an assload of podcasts but then I realized I that I didn't really give much of a shit what random people thought about comics.

  • TexiKenTexiKen Uber Sheep Registered User regular
    I don't care for podcasts, but I do listen and read House to Astonish because I was reading their work since I jumped back into comics years ago, so they're grandfathered in. It's two Scot lawyers talking about comics every fortnight, mainly X-Men, as one of them, Paul O'Brien (the guy who does the Beat's Marvel month-to-month sales charts), had the X-Axis website that was one of the best review sites in terms of objective and thorough dissecting of issues.

    They're really good at covering industry stuff, solicits, independent works, calling companies on their BS, and they have a nice end of the podcast segment called Official Handbook of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, where they find obscure, old characters and try and find ways to put them back in the spotlight for modern stories.

  • Linespider5Linespider5 ALL HAIL KING KILLMONGER Registered User regular
    Hmm. Mindless Ones is rather alright. And I'm even pickier about podcasts than I am when it comes to comics.

  • SatanIsMyMotorSatanIsMyMotor Fuck Warren Ellis Registered User regular
    I recommend you guys check out a local Podcast called Where Monsters Dwell. It's actually a radio show but it goes out via a podcast too. It's great and they have awesome guests all the time.

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