[WOW] [CHAT] Thread. Female Panderen Revealed. Yiffing already?



  • fortyforty Registered User regular
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Theramore scenario is one of those things that gets axed as they rush to get this thing out by August.

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  • tarnoktarnok Registered User regular
    I really hope not. The Wrath launch event was epic. The cataclysm launch event was not quite as epic, but I was more aware of it since I'd actually learned to play the game in the intervening time and I was able to take part in it. If they don't do _something_ for the Mists launch it will certainly lend weight to the people saying that WoW is a sinking ship.

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  • 815165815165 Registered User regular
    The more I read about monk healing the more it sounds like my kinda thing.

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