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Kansas City Pre-PAX Meetup!!!



  • chibi_emilychibi_emily Registered User
    well, in the end, it looks like even Monday's also a bust... I'll be in Kirksville responsibly working on my capstone project *melodramatic sigh* I probably should have known better than to try going to a con in April my senior year o_o lol

    You all have tons of fun though! Perhaps I shall be able to join everybody for another PAX some day : )

  • MASeffectMASeffect Registered User regular
    @Chibi_emily there's always prime in August!

    @Everyone - expect a PM from me if you are on the list in the original post. Sending you my number in case you get lost! Also- dont forget to pick up some directions to the Blue Moose (here) so you can be there at 7!!!

  • MASeffectMASeffect Registered User regular
    Thanks for coming guys! This was fun! Nice getting to see you all at the convention as well!

  • ZelkovaZelkova Registered User
    It was fun meeting all of you!

  • CreamsteakCreamsteak Registered User regular
    Next time I'm thinking it would be better to do something a month or so out. That way it's a bit less of a hassle and we can get some gaming in.

  • cyntheticcynthetic Registered User regular
    If this happens again for PaxEast 2013, I'd really like to go. I'm only 2 hours from KC now, instead of all the way in St Louis.

  • MASeffectMASeffect Registered User regular
    Yes! I am attending Pax East 13, and would definitely enjoy another meetup!

  • CreamsteakCreamsteak Registered User regular
    A couple suggestions I would have this time around would be to have it somewhat before the actual convention, and preferably on a weekend when people have some time. Also, I've been having table top board game nights monthly since East, and people are welcome to drop in on them if they are interested. Next ones Saturday the 22nd.

  • MASeffectMASeffect Registered User regular
    Hey Creamsteak! I am currently in STL- so I cant come, or I would. By before the con- do you mean like a full week, or a couple?

  • cyntheticcynthetic Registered User regular
    So... as it turns out, I'm moving rather far away (ok... really far away) in February. If we have a meetup before then, I'm totally game, but otherwise I'll just have to catch you guys at PAX; no sense taking two trips back to the states. lol.

  • CreamsteakCreamsteak Registered User regular
    I mean a full week or a couple, either way. Something where it's less time constrained in general would be good.

    My next board game night will be in January. I always try to invite PAX people.

  • Ramen EmpireRamen Empire 先生 北京Registered User regular
    Ooo. I'm in KC. This might be thing for me.

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  • CreamsteakCreamsteak Registered User regular
    I'm having cake and boardgames on Saturday in como. One more board game night in Feb.

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