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Pax tweets displayed automatically.

chupamiubrechupamiubre Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in PAX Archive
So there's this cool site that will displays all the pax tweets automatically. I find it helpful on keeping track of the happenings at pax.

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  • jonxpjonxp [E] PC Security Registered User regular
    So yeah, that's mine. For the past few PAXes, as a programming challenge for myself, I set up a page where you can see a real time feed of everything related to PAX on twitter. This is useful for those who aren't there (as a easy way to keep up with the news), as well as for people who are in attendance (it shows "Official" tweets with a lot of emphasis so you don't miss line announcements or schedule changes).

    Small tweets are regular tweets, medium tweets are retweeted and have more staying power, big tweets are from official sources like PAX_lines or Official_PAX.

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