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I like markers



  • earthwormadamearthwormadam ancient crust Registered User regular

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Cheers guys. Here's todays drawing. A drawing before bed. I'm hungry, so's he.


  • ProspicienceProspicience The Raven King DenvemoloradoRegistered User regular
    Tongue Boarder is full of greatness. Definitely think you're getting really close to the same feel as your markers in your digital, if it wasn't for the "uh uh" bubble in the last one I wouldn't be able to tell.

  • farbekriegfarbekrieg Registered User regular
    dont ever stop posting your creations... that said i got the hungry thing without the bubble, but then im always hungry

  • ToothyToothy Registered User regular
    I love how all of your animals are these fat, emotive, wondrous things.

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Thanks guys. :)

    Here's another marker, been less active due to feeling sick, hoping to get well soon.


  • NicNic Registered User regular
    You know what's really sick? That drawing.

  • GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    I love how this artwork is really your own thing; just purely original stuff that nobody else can mimick.

    I see a lot of artists on websites like with wonderful technical skill or classically-trained painters with work rivaling the best, but they have no real voice of their own, they just echo what has been taught to them. In the illustration field it's all the more important to have a certain element of flair to stand out among the pack, and your art does just that! :)

    Whenever I get the technical skills needed to where I'm not struggling with anymore, my goal is to home my skills into something unique like yours!

  • testaccounttestaccount Registered User
    those are markers? really super! love the artwork.

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Nic: That actually made me laugh. But since i'm still sick it made me cough rather painfully. Still, thank you! Haha.

    Godfather: Wow, thank you for the lengthy feedback. I know what you mean about a lot of concept artists (i'm on too, what's your username on it?), a lot of sci-fi stuff looks techinically amazing but it's hard to tell one artist from another. I'm glad I'm getting some form of "voice" as you nicely put it.

    testaccount: Thanks heaps, most of those are markers. Thank you for Awesome'ing my last post, that was marker. :)

    Here's one from tonight, a digital hoping to get closer to a refined marker look. :) It's called "Rise Up and Get Mad"

    - Any feedback would be very much appreciated. 'Ta!


  • NicNic Registered User regular
    You inspire the shit out of me when it comes to suggesting form and shape with colour values. If you were to sell this as a product I'd call it I Can't Believe it's NOT Marker! Also I love the way that old man cube looks.
    I love your style. I'm not sure if you pulled off the 'touching emotion' of the scene, but it doesn't matter as much, there's enough visual information presented that we can deduce what's going on, and make up our own minds on what's happening and why.
    Just one question: is it Meat Boy?

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Blimey, thanks Nic. :) Haha! It isn't Meat Boy but I can totally see why you ask.

    Here's some Sparkster fan art.


  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Been busy at uni lately. :)

    We're making an animation of Greeter Planet this year! I'll be sure to upload it when it's done, but it won't be til near years end.


  • m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    Woah, that's cracking news man. Looking forward to seeing your seussiness getting animated. Also, I haven't told you how marvelous your sky possum is yet - it's marvelicious.

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Thank you m3nace.


  • MustangMustang Registered User regular
    I fucking adore this thread. You've completely turned me around on markers as a medium.

  • PierceNeckPierceNeck Simi Valley, CARegistered User regular
    Holy shit.

    I really want to go play with my markers now.

    Origin: PierceNeck
    SC2/Diablo - pierceneck#1369
  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Thanks guys. Here's a break from some digi stuff as of late.... I need to take a better photo of it though.


  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    Hey I've got a question about markers. I do my strip with pitt or micron pens and then color it with prismacolor markers. I know they're non archival, but they also say that they won't fade.

    What's the difference? How long would hand drawn art colored with makers, like yours, realistically "hold up down the road" so to speak?

    Arch wrote: »

    I never expected this burn from captain bushmeat
  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Heya amateurhour, unfortunately I'm not sure how to answer that, I've been using markers for just under a year or so now so maybe not enough time to see how much the quality will degraded after say 10 years. however going back on my old sketches there doesn't seem to be any loss of colour at all. When I do marker sketches I'm never really concerned with keeping them for too long as they're just from-the-moment brainstorms more than anything. Haha.

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
  • coffeefueledcoffeefueled Registered User new member
    I love the humor in this last one. I seriously laughed out loud at it. Brilliant!

  • MolybdenumMolybdenum Registered User regular
    This is nuts. what kind of paper are you using to get such smooth laydown with your markers?

    Steam: Cilantr0
    3DS: 0447-9966-6178
  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Thanks, here's the sketchbook / paper I usually use.

    Here's one for today, Skit & Blip expression sheet.


  • ben.hben.h Registered User
    looks great

  • ninjaininjai Registered User regular
    OMFG CRAZY COOL. I love that last one

    Mice scratching at the walls inside of your head.
    This is a warning that my sig was too tall.
    You could have sent me a PM or something.
  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Thanks a lot!


    McJohnstable on
  • NicNic Registered User regular
    Distant, distant relative to Knuckles?

    Also I am in agreement, your work is always getting better.

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Thanks Nic, it could be Knux's relative! Maybe a lovechild between him and Celebi, but let's not make this weird.

    Double posting tonight, here's Skit and Blip.


  • NicNic Registered User regular
    FFFFF That is an excellent character design.
    I really like the dynamic between the armor and his scrawny frame. And everything else. Good work!

    but let's not make this weird.

    Let's make it weird.

  • mekman 2mekman 2 a goober Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    I am very fond of your Marker work.

    (edit: relocated).

    mekman 2 on
  • NicNic Registered User regular
    While those are good, this is actually McJohnstable's art thread, so I think you'd have better luck posting this in either the Doodle thread or sharing more of your work in your very own thread.

  • mekman 2mekman 2 a goober Registered User regular
    Nic wrote: »
    While those are good, this is actually McJohnstable's art thread, so I think you'd have better luck posting this in either the Doodle thread or sharing more of your work in your very own thread.

    Sorry about that.

  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    the scenic, scenario... places, whataver you call those pics, they blew my mind so hard, that I forgot some.... words.

  • McJohnstableMcJohnstable Registered User regular
    Blimey thanks very much!


  • BasilBasil Registered User regular
    Good god. This is fantastic!

  • VanguardVanguard Some people say in Hell, They're having a fair.Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
    edited April 2012
    I've never seen artwork that makes me want to learn to draw so badly. Is there an awesome button for an entire thread?

    Vanguard on
  • wahaywahay Your Handicapped Hero Cincinnati, USARegistered User regular
    I could look at these all day! I love how you're emulating marker digitally. Very, very solid!

    "Sorry ladies, I give my everything to Sallie Mae."
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