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Skyrim is one of the most addicting games, in history?

CoS_EthanCoS_Ethan Registered User regular
edited April 2012 in Games and Technology
The mind-blown Skyrim really caused craziness earlier this year (the heat is calming down) and I just couldn't stop when I stepped into the world. Personally, when you play this game for a relatively long time, you even can not tell a difference between real world and virtual world. Some thoughts on it:

1. Vastly splendid gaming world (maybe)


I began to play the game when it was released, I already touched more than half of the Skyrim territory (second time). I found more than 100 places, and kinds of dungeons are worth discovering. The fun I can get from it is climb mountains, destroy fortresses and crossing oceans, etc. Every exquisite vast world scene created by Bethesda undoubtedly amazed me, and made me get lost. The virtual world is not simply displayed by a dumb map, people can find some quests attractive in every village, city or dungeon, and every quest is capable of leading gamers to a unique place. I think that's why it can easily succeed worldwide.

2. Unprecedented game freedom (Yes)


I guess lots of you already killed dragons, invaded cities, murdered kings, and some even remarried. Farmer, fisherman, blacksmith, etc, I got a bunch of jobs to make a living in the game. Maybe some people hate this kind of stuff, they feel bored, but everything has two sides. If you don't want to become The One, you have no interest on saving the world, it's fine, you can just buy a house and store lots of books, why not? The game freedom of Skyrim offers you freedom to decide "who you want to be" and "what you want to do", after all, saving the world can be boring too.

3. Impressive graphics (even lowest setting)


We can see countless landscapes and crafted dungeons in Skyrim. The graphic engine of Skyrim maybe a bit outdated, but it doesn't let me down. It can perform well on some low-setting rigs. In 10 minutes, people can see varioius forests, rivers, plains and high mountains. Although it is "only" 5g-sized, but I don't think another 70g one can outperform it all-round, and even the lowest setting can handle, kind of.

4. Diversified game quests (true for me)


Similar to previous Scrolls, there is a conventional plot throughout Skyrim, accompanied with some guild quests and side quests. But one diffenrence is, Skyrim has so many side quests that we have to spend more time on a main city. Actually, I spent 9 hours on side quests for the first village (a bit insane). Generally, you will get bored when you stuck by side quest, but Skyrim didn't fail me, every quest has its own features, abundant details and twisting plot just make me addictive. On top of that, we have endless mods.


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