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Help re-theme the PAX Forums Secret Santa!!!



  • KiashienKiashien Registered User regular
    The Riddler's Revenge: Bobcat Or Batarang? Open your package, and feel the claws!

    The pirate hat riding bobcat compels you...

    Relevant info: #PAX East: 3 Coin Lunch organizer. 2012 Trading card available. Pokecrawl Assistant 2012. Pokecrawl attendee 2011. Cult of the Leaf attendee 2012.
  • chaosisorderchaosisorder Cupcake Princess and Pinny Whore OregonRegistered User regular
    Santa Claws- The PAX Forum Bobcat Exchange Network

  • peetsnackpeetsnack Team Green Poké Assist, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Head Girl House Hufflepuff The Cleave LandsRegistered User regular
    Santa Claws- The PAX Forum Bobcat Exchange Network

    lol, turn "PAX Forum Bobcat Exchange Network" into a clever acronym and you have my vote.

  • FacelesscogFacelesscog Registered User regular
    peetsnack wrote: »
    I have a theme. I call it 'Sekrit Alfred'.
    Each forumer gets a note from the Riddler exposing the 'real' identity of Batman.

    Upon this information, each person would obviously be so thankful for everything that Batman has done for the forums and the city of Gotham that they would send their Batman gifts in line with wishes of their public identities.

    We then spend a month all pretending that we are Batman.

    Also, Smalllady is Alfred.

    Can I put in another vote for Secret Alfred? I really dig the concept of including the Riddler-like clues before the gift arrives! I hope to be able to participate, whatever it ends up being. (I plan on being more active in the forums this year, since I'll be spending WAY less time in the hospital.)

  • Menolly07Menolly07 Registered User regular
    Santa Claws- The PAX Forum Bobcat Exchange Network

    Heh.... Santa Claws.... Google that movie.

    Still PAXing strong. [E] for lyfe. ELand forever.
  • tvethiopiatvethiopia Registered User regular
    Santa Claws- The PAX Forum Bobcat Exchange Network

    dammit! i was all about batman and now i can't decide.

    <3 Daintier. Smarter. Better dressed. <3
  • cyntheticcynthetic Registered User regular
    I'm sure every one has seen this:

    I vote Batman, or apocalypse. Either way it goes, I have ideas already spewing out of me. I've been waiting all year to do this. I loved donating to Child's Play last year (as requested), but this year I look forward to sending a big box of awesome to someone.

  • BombClancyBombClancy Sugar Lady Registered User regular
    P.E.W. P.E.W.
    PAXers Exchange Wonderful Packages Embraced Worldwide

    what do you call a pile of kittens? A meoooowntain!
  • sleepygeckossleepygeckos Registered User
    BombClancy wrote: »
    P.E.W. P.E.W.
    PAXers Exchange Wonderful Packages Embraced Worldwide

    That's a good one, but if it is around the holidays, maybe PAXers Exchange Winter Packages Embraced Worldwide... of course, that might offend those that live in the southern hemisphere, but would hint at the original nature of the exchange. Just a thought. Great name idea though!

  • LexiconGrrlLexiconGrrl Registered User regular
    Rare Exports.

    Owner of and General Badass Chick at Seattle's best Distillery & Scandinavian Cafe Old Ballard Liquor Co.
  • SwordMageSwordMage Registered User regular
    I second Rare Exports.

    SwordMage, aka Willa
    twitter: SwordMage86
    XBL: SwordMagelet
  • tvethiopiatvethiopia Registered User regular
    Rare Exports.

    as usual, lexicongrrl is a genius.

    <3 Daintier. Smarter. Better dressed. <3
  • DirewolfDirewolf Registered User regular
    Rare Exports.

    I had to look up the reference and found the trailer. I need to see this movie!

  • cyntheticcynthetic Registered User regular
    wtb sign ups. :) anticipation is killing me.

  • NullzoneNullzone Kasben Rinker Gnome FighterRegistered User regular
    Last I talked to SmallLady she said signups would be shortly after Halloween.

  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    Actually they are happening before Halloween.

    But this thread can be locked. I have already picked the theme.


    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
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