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Do you like dags? Let's talk about Dogs. I'm naming mine Jack McCoy

Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver Registered User, ClubPA regular
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"Dags? Oh. Dogs. Yeah, I love dags. But I like caravans more."

Alright, so I love dogs. Ever since my last pupchild, Rascal, died last year I have wanted a new dog. For financial reasons (and also the fact that my health wasn't great), I held off getting a dog until after I passed the bar. Then I lost the job and hospital again yadda yadda. Cut to now: moving back in with my parents, so no pet fees and such.

So I am getting a dog! Gonna go see it on Saturday and then pick it up if all goes well!

I knew I wanted a small, indoors dog that had hair instead of fur.

My options included a Yorkshire Terrier:

Which I passed on because they are yippy little dogs.

I considered getting a Havanese


And really, the only reason why I didn't get one was because we found a Shiz-Tsu that was a few weeks old.
That's not my dog there, just an approximation of what a Shih-Tzu looks like when it isn't hussied up like a tramp.

So let's talk about our dogs and our favorite dog breeds.


I need to figure out a name for my dog. I was thinking about Tarkin (as in: Grand Bark Tarkin) but it's just not a great dog name.

I'm thinking maybe Vimes, after Samuel Vimes of the Night Watch.

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