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Awesome: 'Legend of Korra: Ships are sinking due to leaks' by Rorus Raz

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Goatmon wrote: »
-Tal wrote: »
and sure he has three ponytails and smells like a lady, but look at DAT CHIN

It is obvious that he is Amon, and is making a power play within the council to keep people off his trail. Nobody has actually seen him waterbend, and he enjoys bossing around benders. The chi-blockers mooks are just there to train up a personal bender army to aid and secure his coup. Because no one dreams like Amon. No one schemes like Amon. No one assembles crack teams like Amon. His ability to remove bending is especially devastating.

Boy what a guy, that Amon.



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    The standing ovations. All of them.

  • The Good Doctor TranThe Good Doctor Tran Registered User regular
    This post is responsible for my going through the last five hours with that damn song stuck in my head.

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