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Tongue Smiley Face Tells Sinister Lies

TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEONRegistered User regular
The smiley face menu lies. Look at this dude: :P

He's totally not the guy in the menu!

Menu dude is clearly superior but either way we have a grievous mismatch. THIS MUST BE REMEDIED BEFORE MORE LIVES ARE RUINED.

TychoCelchuuu on


  • Lord_SnotLord_Snot Живу за выходные American ValhallaRegistered User regular
    The older smilies are superior in general, definitely.

  • HotandnerdyHotandnerdy Registered User
    No school like the old school.

  • BarrakkethBarrakketh Registered User regular
    I fixed this through my Chrome extension. If anyone wants to adapt it to a Greasemonkey script:
    function fixEmoticons() {
        $('img.bbcode_smiley').each(function () {
            $this = $(this);
            var cls = false;
            switch ($this.attr('alt')) {
                case ";-)":
                    cls = 'Emoticonicon_wink';
                case ":P":
                    cls = 'Emoticonicon_razz';
                case ":x":
                    cls = 'Emoticonicon_mad';
                case ":(":
                    cls = 'Emoticonicon_sad';
                case ":)":
                    cls = 'Emoticonicon_smile';
                case ":D":
                    cls = 'Emoticonicon_biggrin';
            if (cls) {

    If someone does go the GM route, you'll probably be stuck with the preview icons being wrong for various reasons.

    Rollers are red, chargers are blue....omae wa mou shindeiru
  • BedlamBedlam Registered User regular
    Are smileys not suposed to parse in PMs? Because they dont show up in PMs for me but I dont want to start a thread if its already a known thing (which it probably is)

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