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Area of DefectArea of Defect Registered User
edited September 2012 in PAX Archive
What's up PA Forum populus? We are Seattle based nerdcore group, Area of Defect. We write songs about video games, League of Legends most infamously.

We want to play at PAX Prime 2012! Rather deeply do we wish this. Please bump this thread and show you support for your local nerdcore and get us a spot playing at the con this year!

If you have no idea who we are, you can check us out on < link removed >

Make some noise everybody!

Much love,


zerzhul on


  • soGENIUSsoGENIUS Registered User
    YES PLEASE~ Love you and would really love to see you perform! :'D <3333

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    That's great that you have a band. Please don't use our forum as free advertising for it.

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