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Workout Music for Bag work ect.

Draken50Draken50 Registered User regular
edited June 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
So I'm really looking for workout music for heavy bag work in addition to slower stuff like Pull ups and chin ups and what not. I really prefer loud/fast instrumental songs or where the lyrics are not understandable due to them not being in English.

Some Examples of what I'm using right now are

Bare Knuckle Blitz from Overclock Remix.
Aire Tam Break from Overclock Remix.
The Sentinel and Electric Eye from Judas Priest.
Inside The Fire from Disturbed
The Noose from The Offspring

I really like the heavier parts of Run Rabbit Junk from the ghost in the shell Soundtrack
At one minute in the music rises and that's the kind of thing I really like.

Any help is super appreciated as I'm not super knowledgeable about music, and finding music I really like to work out too, much less instrumental has been a big pain.

Draken50 on


  • LoveIsUnityLoveIsUnity Registered User regular
    Just listen to Slayer... (Actually, this is my answer for everything.)

  • BartholamueBartholamue Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    Just listen to Mastodon songs. Or any metal really. Metal usually gets me pumped up during my workout.

    Bartholamue on
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  • supabeastsupabeast Registered User regular
    Dimmu Borgir—and just about any well produced black metal—makes great gym music. They pile on so many layers of distorted guitars and compress it to the point that almost no other sound gets in on headphones. I use it to get reading done when I’m doing cardio and don’t want to be distracted by the lyrics in the dance music gyms play.

  • BartholamueBartholamue Registered User regular
    Ugh...Dance/pop music doesn't make for good workout music.

    Steam- SteveBartz Xbox Live- SteveBartz PSN Name- SteveBartz
  • illigillig Registered User regular
    Eye of the tiger on infinite loop?

  • Draken50Draken50 Registered User regular
    I appreciate the input. Do you guys know of any instrumental tracks that might work? I'm not really a big fan of screamer lyrics. Any specific songs folks might be able to recommend?

  • Draken50Draken50 Registered User regular
    Random Update, Still in the dark and No Mercy from the Guilty Gear soundtrack I think will work really well.

  • DorkmanDorkman Registered User regular
    Anything boxing related in terms of a soundtrack should always include:

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  • E.CoyoteE.Coyote Registered User regular
    The good apollo volume 2 album by coheed and cambria is pretty work out friendly. For the anime tracks I'd suggest looking through the op/endings for bleach, soul eater, 11 eyes, deathnote, and darker than black. The opening song for darker than black is awesome.

  • TavTav Registered User regular
    Draken50 wrote: »
    I appreciate the input. Do you guys know of any instrumental tracks that might work? I'm not really a big fan of screamer lyrics. Any specific songs folks might be able to recommend?

    Something like this?

    Skip to about 3:50 for the heavy parts to start

  • TL DRTL DR Not at all confident in his reflexive opinions of thingsRegistered User regular
    If this doesn't get the rage flowing, nothing will

  • Draken50Draken50 Registered User regular
    Thanks for the recommendations. It's not as fast as I'd use for working out in some cases but I do like that Long Distance Calling stuff. I've been jumping through their songs on youtube for a half hour now.

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