Skype Videophone?

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We've recently installed a couple phone booths at my office, and want them to be Skype-capable. Our first thought was to mount iPads on the walls, but our Wi-Fi is so shitty (network congestion) that we really need something ethernet-capable. Short of just putting laptops in there, what are my options for videophones?

The Asus Guru videophones ( look exactly like what we want, but they don't seem to make them anymore for some reason. Can't find it in stock anywhere online.
Another option is this VoSKY thing from the Skype store ( but the handful of reviews I've found don't exactly inspire confidence.
Chumby doesn't make or sell hardware anymore.
Why the hell were there more options for this shit in 2010 than now?

Anyone have any other ideas? All I really need is a screen and an ethernet port, preferably without breaking the bank.

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    Why the hell were there more options for this shit in 2010 than now?

    That Skype phone you put a link to costs $250

    My Dell Mini Netbook cost me $200 ~1 year ago.

    I think that answers that question.

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    Doesn't look like Dell sells netbooks anymore. Any recommends for a bare-bones netbook in the 8-10" screen range, with an ethernet port, for under $300?

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