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So I was drinking some water and accidentally knocked over my cup onto my desktop. A little bit of water got into the case from the top fan and landed on the graphic card and a small amount got into the PSU.

The computer froze when it first happened, I turned it off and was able to dry up the water with a towel. I waited a minute and tried to turn it back on but got an "insert disk for start-up" message. I didn't have a disk on me so I turned it off again. When I tried to turn it back on I get a dead screen (no activity from the desktop). Should I try to turn it on again or should I do something else? Also, if I do manage to get it displaying again, how do I get around the insert disk prompt?

Thanks so much, I'm cross posting this on the Help board because I'm not sure which is more appropriate.

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    Water and live electricity is generally considered bad.

    Especially if you turn it back on after only a minute.

    Seriously you're supposed to wait like, a week for stuff to dry out.

    Buy a new computer.

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    Sounds like your sata controller and gpu fried.

  • citizen059citizen059 hello my name is citizen I'm from the InternetRegistered User regular
    Assuming everything is dry and undamaged (in addition to the water, the towel could've generated static electricity that would fry & destroy internal components)...

    If you power it on and it seems normal except for having no video, then power it back off and remove the video card. If you have an onboard graphics port, plug into that and see if it comes up.

    If you don't have an onboard graphics port, well...

    As for the "insert disk" thing...one problem at a time. Restore video and verify basic functionality first.

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