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Vancouver PAX Forumer Events: 2012 Edition

SumiSumi Registered User regular
edited September 2012 in PAX Archive
PAX has my brain. I will write some snappy intro later.

Oh, and what's this? A shiny new CALENDAR gifted to the PAX community by the ever wonderful zerzhul? Yes indeed. Do us all a favour: check it out. It makes things a lot easier and it's public so anyone can add an event. :D

Upcoming Events:

None. :(


Want to add something? Just post about it.

Also, if you enjoy hiking, some of us hit some of the local trails throughout the summer. PM me if you're interested.

Past Events:
Seymour Creek Golf Centre
Saturday August 18th, 5pm
$5.00 per person

Come hang out with us at this family-friendly location and make completely inappropriate jokes about balls, shafts, and how many strokes it takes you to finish.

Laser Dome
Saturday August 18th, 9pm - 12am
Play all night: $20

ZOMG MOAR Putt Putt Balls & Shafts

Ambleside Par 3
Sunday, August 19th, 3:30pm

ZOMG-So-SOAR-fROmLAzERPEWPEW Dinner 4.0 Complete
Davie Mongorian Mongolian BBQ
Sunday August 19th, 6pm

[Insert Snappy Title Here]
Storm Suck Crow Tavern Time TBA
Dumb & Dumber @ The Rio, 11pm
Friday August 24th

Woot! Water Slides.
Cultas Lake Water Park
Saturday August 25th, 3:30pm - 7:00pm
Twilight Pass: $17.86

Abbotsford Raid Night 4.0
Castle Fun Park (Next to the third cow on your right)
Saturday August 25th, 7:30pm - 11:00pm

FTW! (For The Wings) Night 5.0
WINGS on Granville
Tuesday August 28th, 6pm

What better way to celebrate the arrival of PAX than to stuff your face with meat and meat-related foodstuffs?

Videogame Cover Band (Not an annual pre-pax event, but here for chronology's sake.)
The Pender House
Tuesday, August 28th, 7:45pm - 10:30pm

The Critical Hit Show
The Rio
Wednesday, August 29th, Doors at 7pm
Tickets $6 advance / $9 at the Door

"If you wanted to add the Protomen concert at the Biltmore on the 29th to the list, I'm also going to that."
The Baltimore
August 29th, Doors @ 7pm

Friday, August 31st - Sunday, September 2nd

Standard Action, it's a webseries.
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  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    Yay new thread! :D

    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
  • TherosTheros Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    I will go to the night market on Friday! :D I just need to finagle some cash for delicious night market fewdz!

    EDIT: I may even try to drag deadmetal to it.

    Theros on
  • de4dmeta1de4dmeta1 Registered User regular
    Which night market?

  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    Hmm... Not sure... Maybe the actual Richmond Night Market because it's easier to get to? Though I guess we could try to hit both? I am open to suggestions.

    Standard Action, it's a webseries.
  • TeenychickaTeenychicka Registered User
    They're both pretty easy to get to, as one has a complimentary shuttle bus. The newer one does cost $1 for entrance.

    8502184533758290.gif OH YEAH!
  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    edited May 2012
    Drinks at Pressbox peeps: Is this still a thing we're gonna do or are @Saldek and I just gonna have to get shitty on our own?

    TOGSolid on
  • SaldekSaldek Registered User regular
    Does Canada have that much booze?
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  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    Hey so we are going to postpone the nightmarket because Tr0tsky has an injured knee and can't really walk and considering it's his birthday tomorrow we are going to go for drinks on Friday to celebrate. Location TBA, but I will post when we know.

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  • bohemianbohemian Registered User
    TOGSolid wrote: »
    Drinks at Pressbox peeps: Is this still a thing we're gonna do or are @Saldek and I just gonna have to get shitty on our own?

    Will have to pass on this one. Apparently, I subconciously RSVP'd to something a couple of months back on an event that takes place the same night. Have fun though!

  • Jenny_SpaghettiJenny_Spaghetti I am 3 ginger midgets in a trench coat. Calgary, CanadalandRegistered User regular
    Tenacious D etc. Myself. Also, nia.

  • nianianianianiania Registered User regular
    edited May 2012
    PAXers meetup! Vancouver - Tenacious D - Protomen
    If you're going to be in the area, and/or are going to the concert, and/or just want to meet up with people for drinks/lunch/dinner, join the FB event!

    (P.S. Trying to get a little warparty together for Sunday lunch at Shabusen. <3 Let me know if interested!)

    nianiania on
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  • BombchelleBombchelle Registered User
    Sumi, put me down for D&D live this week :)
    Also, a maybe for the renaissance festival :)

  • tr0tskytr0tsky Registered User regular
    So, I think the plan is to go to Central City Brewing this evening for some chilling/drinks. I've been there a couple times and it's decent. Still no replacement for Fogg'n'suds, but we may never find that =(

    Surrey Central skytrain station, say...uh..7? I dunno. I'm not even sure who's interested :P

  • parabolaparabola Registered User regular
    Don't think I can make it out to Surrey today... But I'm down for something pre-protomen it being my birthday and all. Not quite into the sushi idea but w/e, not sure where i'd even want to go, but yay concert.

  • SaldekSaldek Registered User regular
    I'll be getting in to Vancouver around 1140 on Sat. Never been there before; will check out the fb page when i can- it's blocked on the ship's computers. :( Not sure that we have any solid plans for Sunday, so... Sushi!!!! yessssss! I'm up for that. Looking forward to meeting up with everyone in Vancouver!!!!!!!
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  • japerryjaperry Registered User regular
    what about camping this summer again?

  • WormdundeeWormdundee Registered User regular
    I heard something about the Camano island site not being available this year for some reason, but I don't really know what's going on with it.

  • japerryjaperry Registered User regular
    awww sadface. I have a friend on Whidbey, I wonder if he has enough room for 15 of us ;-)

  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    I am bored and need things to do. If you have any upcoming events you would like to share, please post and I will happily add it to the OP. :D

    Standard Action, it's a webseries.
  • SerenitySerenity Registered User regular
    Hurray new thread!
    How about the usual events Sumi?
    Castle Fun Park, Wings, GoKarts, Lazer Pewpew etc.?

    Also I would like to propose: Celebration of Light

    As for RSVPs I would be down for the night market, but I can't make it to anything else so far... my work has me on ad-hoc for about a month.

  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    I suppose I should put the usual events up there. I will have to ask absinthe about dates for these things, as I forget their usual order.

    Standard Action, it's a webseries.
  • honestDhonestD Registered User regular
    Oh, so I guess that next saturday's game thing at my house doesn't warrant an edit to the OP? Sigh! Also, Axe Murderer Rule applies, new people need to be vetted by myself before I'm presented with a (gaggle? flock? herd?) of people I don't know going through my medicine cabinet. I only like trusted friends doing that.

    In Vancouver? Want to meet up and play some Games?

    Now with Twitter! @HonestoDoragon

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  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    I call shenanigans.

    Standard Action, it's a webseries.
  • honestDhonestD Registered User regular
    No, the shenanigans were postpwned!

    Also, thanks!

    In Vancouver? Want to meet up and play some Games?

    Now with Twitter! @HonestoDoragon

    Pokemon Black: 4555 9510 3686
  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    Okay night market Shenanigans this Friday. Anyone who is interested, meet outside the gates at 7pm. PM me for my number if you need it.

    Standard Action, it's a webseries.
  • littlehamsterzlittlehamsterz Registered User
    Hello everyone :) SO excited for PAX prime. Went to pax east this year and loved it. Would love to come to night market this Friday and meet some of you except studying for GRE >.< maybe another time

  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    Boooo studying!!

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  • LairdLaird Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    I am sure you guy/gals(s) already know this, but Jimz moved to Alberta a year or two ago.

    Laird on
  • TeenychickaTeenychicka Registered User
    Since the nightmarket got rained out yesterday, perhaps we can try it again Sunday @ 8? I know a few of you were wanting to go.

    8502184533758290.gif OH YEAH!
  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    Oh hey just an FYI to any lurkers, I don't think anyone is going to Galaxion tonight.

    Also yes for nightmarket.

    Sumi on
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  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    edited June 2012
    Hmm so it appears the OP and calendar have been magically updated.

    Sumi on
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  • littlehamsterzlittlehamsterz Registered User
    How was night market? Is there lots to buy yet?

  • SumiSumi Registered User regular
    I found the Richmond market kind of small, though I was entertained. I'd like to check out the other.

    Standard Action, it's a webseries.
  • littlehamsterzlittlehamsterz Registered User
    I will go if you guys are planning a trip sometime. Would be fun.

  • TeenychickaTeenychicka Registered User
    The other one is smaller but at least it has taiyaki *pout*

    8502184533758290.gif OH YEAH!
  • AbsintheMindedAbsintheMinded Registered User regular
    I guess since no one else has RSVP'd yet, I might as well put you to work and RSVP for all the Regular August events... except FTWings.... going to see The Protomen at the The Biltmore that night.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I'm still voting to move FTWings to either Monday or Tuesday, since we had alot of people who said they couldn't make it last year because they were heading down to Seattle Wednesday for MMT, PAX Dev or other Pre-PAXyness. :winky:

  • parabolaparabola Registered User regular
    I'm down for the usual... Except the puttputt and the pewpew. Not sure about FTWings, didn't realize Protomen would be playing here before PAX. If you reschedule it I will be there for sure though.

  • faerielaurelynfaerielaurelyn Registered User regular
    I would also vote moving FTWings to Monday since I also will be heading down on Tuesday for PAX.

    Tentative RSVP for August events, depending on budget!

    No, YOU make ME a sandwich!
  • degreesplatinumdegreesplatinum Registered User regular
    Have you guys finalized the plans for the group travel to Seattle (Aug 30)? Is it the Amtrak train again?

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