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[Recruitment] Monsters and Other Childish Things

Mr. BiggMr. Bigg Registered User regular
edited June 2012 in Critical Failures
Dear Mr and/or Ms. [INSERT NAME HERE] ,

We here at H.P Lovecraft's Academy For Gifted Youngsters have accepted your child [INSERT NAME HERE] into our prestigious school for our next semester at our campus located in Kingston, Massachusetts. Their your child, [INSERT NAME HERE], will receive a primary education ranked 5th of all private school in North America by Forbes magazine. Our Alumina include over a dozen senators and congressman, eleven CEOs of the world's largest 100 corporations, five Pulitzer award winning Writers, two academy winning Actors, and one Nobel Prize Physicist. You know the one.

He/She will receive the best tutoring in Math, Science, English, History, Creative Arts, and any Foreign Language you and your child choose by the most highly trained professionals from Universities such as Yale, Oxford, Harvard, Tokyo University, and the University of Chicago. Each teacher is considered among the best in their fields and could easily find employment in the world's top universities as professors. Most importantly [INSERT NAME HERE] will meet friends of similar intellect, breeding, and talent to your own. Children who will one day shape the future of our world.

Sincerely, Professor Adam Westling of H.P Lovecraft's Academy For Gifted Youngsters


"Dear Mom and Dad,

I've been away at H.P Lovecraft's Academy For Gifted Youngsters for three weeks....and I'm getting scared."

Kingston, Massachusetts. It just sorta always has been one of those lame, sleepy East Coast towns out in the woods for old money elites. You couldn't find a staler, more boring place to go on Spring Break when your in college or plan a family vacation; or a safe and cozy place to raise a family. Crime? Except for those guys from Enron and a couple of Bankers from Wallstreet, no one here as much as a traffic ticket. Poverty? Heh, unless you have at least a couple dozen million tucked away at the bank you ain't getting past the front gate unless your the hired help or a student at Lovecraft Academy. Disease on the other hand very real, but luckily none of it is the kind you can catch unless you around 100 years old and would have died years if you weren't so damned rich and stubborn. This is a town for rich folk or in the case of kids on scholarships, soon to be rich folk. Nothing wild or exciting happens there out in the day, because that implies a little too much danger for those type of people.

But at night and in the shadows, it's as dangerous and mysterious as anywhere. Adults might scoff at the ghost stories and tell their kids it's nothing but make believe, but you couldn't drag them to the Late Ms. Wilson's Old Manner on Huckleberry Hill, heck you don't even see retailer companies even try to sell the place or get it demolished anymore. Parent's tuck their kids in with a light on and make sure to check in their closets or underneath their beds only after they turned the damned thing back on. Kids have swift feet in this town, because their always seems to be one or two kids missing at anytime and cops give up pretty fast at finding them.

Yeah the town might be safe from people, but it's not from Monsters.

Hey they ain't all that bad. See that thing next to you, the one you thought only you could see? Your "imaginary" friend? Yeah he's one of them. A Very Special One mind you. He has your back until the very end. He's going to be your new best dang friend in this dump of a town and help protect you from the dark stuff here. I know this because I got one too. They can cranky from time to time, specially around each other, but their more loyal than the dog you left back at home!

Hey you know how I mentioned there's like monsters in this town right? And the cool ones like we got. I mean nasty ones either hanging around in the dark parts of town or around the Freaks. Well they ain't like our friends, hence why I called 'em nasty. Their the reason kids and pets go missing, some old folk hearts give out for no reason, and the other freak accidents around town. Well a few kids and me at our boarding school, Lovecraft Academy, decided to like put a stop to them. We trying to come up with a name, Dan keeps on suggesting Ghostbusters after that old movie but we fighting more than ghosts so that's just stupid, but we seem to be settling on Lovecraft Academy Mystery and Explorer's club. Or LAME. Less suspicious so the teachers and adults don't butt their noses in too deep in our bussiness. Yeah, yeah I know the cops should be handling this but when Jane told them about monsters she was sent off to the madhouse. Their just that in denial.

Character Creation
Hi and Welcome to what I hope to be a good game of Monsters and Other Childish Things. It's the standard crunch but fluff is what needs to be stated here.

Lovecraft Academy is mostly a boarding school for rich brats or genuinely gifted kids on scholarships through the 1st and 8th grades. Most of you should live on Campus but a couple of you might be townies who still live at home but were accepted in the school. Your Relationships should reflect this. Mom and Dad might not see you for over a year, and it's going to be hard as hell to have your Relationships matter or have Quality Time Spent with them when they're a thousand miles away.

Other than that? Go hog wild.

Mr. Bigg on


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