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Deadpool: The Game

RandomAtomRandomAtom Registered User regular
edited July 2012 in Graphic Violence
See the trailer here and respond. Interested in other peoples thought on this and would you play it regardless?

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  • GreenGreen Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.Registered User regular
    Even though I love Deadpool, the trailer seems kind of forced. I did enjoy War for Cybertron though.

    Cautiously optimistic!

  • noir_bloodnoir_blood Registered User regular
    I agree with Green.

    I"m a big Deadpool fan, but like I said in the movie and games thread, his quips have the potential to get old fast. Also, I'm not a big fan of the dueling dialogue thing they have going, as well as taking a lot of the lines right out of the MVC3 game.

  • ShimShamShimSham Registered User regular
    As much as I love Deadpool if it's just going to be explosions and one-liners it might make for a decently fun game but a poor depiction of the character. (as has happened a lot with him recently)

  • 143999143999 Tellin' ya not askin' ya, not pleadin' with yaRegistered User regular
    Rumors are pointing toward a Deadpool-ish take on the Batman: Arkham Geographic Area thing, which I don't think would be the worst thing in the world at all if they did it right.

    Deadpool Vision a la the Arkham detective modes crossed with TF2's Pyrovision might be fun.

  • RandomAtomRandomAtom Registered User regular
    I would be okay with that, or even a game in the vein of Saints Row.

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