Patch notes? And other utterly outrageous... stuff!!!

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Hi! Again, absolutely love the game. Waiting for -that- DLC *shakes fist with confused joy, anticipation, valiant heroism... oh! A snickers!*
The first and foremost stuff, I keep seeing the game update on steam. I go into the game and look around for a little bit, then I quit because I see no new content. I go into the game folder and see no patch notes or patch log. I go here, "Handling Bugs" and realize why the game was updated. Patch notes! :D

Second stuff, class appearances. I'm comparing with Final Fantasy V, how changing your class would change the appearance of the characters. Is there any way you can edit content yourself? Another thing I felt as I finished the game with a smile (with mixed frustration, again the patience game xD), was a feeling of "I want to create stuff for this game!!" (more areas to explore, classes, appearances, monsters, class only equipment, i.e making a Gabe with Tube Samurai no longer a Tubeless Brute, etc. etc.).


Hugs! :D

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