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Can't help but notice that there's a stamina cost between the Normal and Advantage stats. Now while me and my brother figured this was just the cost for re-using the card after playing it from the hand in a previous turn, we noticed Trick Shots actually have bigger cost areas with keywords such as "Select" "Amplify" etc.

Does this mean the card ability has a stamina cost? Or is it just plain confusing and was overlooked? You already have a plain stamina cost in the upper right and normal cards without abilities have much smaller costs with no keywords.

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    What you're looking at is the Stat Line, which is actually the entire bottom portion of the card. As per the rules, the Stat Line can show the shot bonuses, return penalties, shot type, or advantage indicator, as well as a quick look at the keyword and cost.

    The keywords are already mentioned in the Ability Description. The Stat line just sums things up concisely.

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    My guess is that you can pile your cards one on the other, with the bottom of each card sticking out, in cases where you have a _lot_ on the field. When you do this, you can see all the relevant info about the card without needing to look at the text and picture (as long as you can remember what ability the keywords stand for).

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