The Third Man (or Lady)

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Which would actually be the first lady, if you made a lady character. *cough*

Episode 3 is great - made we wanna go back and replay 1 & 2. So I did.

Anyone miss their original character from the first two games? I don't think that the 3rd game is hurt by the absence of an avatar for the player, and I don't know that including one would have made things any better. It's probably too late to work one into the story for episode 4.

But I still wonder whether or not they eventually found a place to live...

Would anyone rather have had their original character come back and replace, say, Jim or Moira?

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  • CTMCTM Registered User regular
    No, but I'd be interested in hearing what the developers's thought process was when getting rid of it (or if it was ever considered in the first place).

  • AskerothAskeroth Registered User regular
    Frankly, I never felt that attached to my character. I didn't buy the first two episodes until recently because I didn't want to play them unless I could finish the story, but I felt that the options - especially in the first one - weren't that impressive. I believe there were three-or-four different shirts/pants/shoes. I had expected a bit more customization than that. That said, I would still like for my character to show up again. I'm just not sure how they would be able to do that, as since the first two games were made by a different company, these episodes may not have been allowed to read the other game's data to import your character's appearance. I doubt they could even figure out your character's name. Maybe they'll let us re-create them in episode 4, but as you've said, I doubt that will happen.

  • Crystal2112Crystal2112 Registered User
    I really missed my player in Episode 3, but it didn't bother me that much.

  • Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The PIT, level 26Registered User regular
    Well hey, look at this relevant piece of news:
    Zeboyd is coming up tomorrow to work on Rain-Slick 4 and the last DLC (also free) for the current one that details the fate of the player character from the first two games.

    So there we go. Closure and continuity are a comin'.

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