[PRIME] PC Tourney Selection is Poor

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MTG, CS:GO and Shootmania... please tell me this is not the complete list. CS:GO plays like a bad console port... these are PC GAMING tourneys... are PC Gamers not selecting/coordinating them? Why would be playing MTG on PC when there's an entire room for that.

CSS (or 1.6...), BF3, Tribes Acend, TF2... there are great free and pay games that make for fantastic tournament fodder that the PC Gaming community actually plays... enjoys and wants to do get competitive at. Hell, the little minecraft "race to make cake" last was great fun. Even games like LoL and SC2 that I don't play/enjoy would be far superior... and I would enjoy playing in this context.

I hope/pray/beg that those 3 are not the final list and more are waiting in the wings... and if they are I hope/pray/beg Big Red has some smart and fun extra tournaments planned, because this is easily the lightest docket of PC Games we've seen at Pax.

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    There will be a suggestions thread after PAX for you to voice your concerns based on your PAX experience. Also, usually there is a survey as well.

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