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    They should be able to get up to level 70 now, since Burning Crusade is part of the base package now.

    Heck, they got all the 1-60 Cata content for free as well, and will probably have a free WotLK soon too.

    Anyways, I was just looking up the Challenge Modes for MoP and was surprised to see there is absolutely no loot drops during a Challenge Run. The only rewards at all is a bit of Valor and then the title/mount/transmog gear you get for having all bronze/silver/gold medals. That doesn't bode well for them getting run a lot, because a lot of people are going to fall into one of two categories:

    1. I don't think I'm good enough to get a better medal than the bronze I already have, so why would I waste time and repair costs for no reward whatsoever?
    2. I already have a gold medal so why would I ever run it again?

    About the only incentive for the #2 group would be the ones who care about leaderboard rankings. There's no real incentive for the people who don't want to try and learn a dungeon though, unless they really want that mount or transmog set.

    Now I can totally see the problem of people stopping to loot on a timed run, and also agree with Blizzard that the rewards for Challenge mode should be cosmetic so it can't drop better gear than the regular Heroic Mode, but I still think there should be a little more reward to get people more willing to run it. Some kind of loot bag you get upon completion like the Satchel of Helpful Goods or Cache of the Ley-Guardian that contains gold, mats, gear that's equal to the dungeon's heroic gear or even just transmog gear, pets, mounts, etc. Increase the odds for really rare mounts or whatever for a gold medal.

    Oh yeah, duh...TBC goes up to 70. Silly brain.

    The problem for the #2 group looking for rankings is when they get paired up with people from group #1...

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    I don't know what you mean by "paired up." The rankings are realm-specific, and the groups have to be made manually. There's no queue for Challenge Modes. I really can't wait to see what the hardest of hardcore can do in the challenge modes. Five DPS all CCing their way through, or 3 tanks, all splitting up, pulling multiple bosses at once, etc. There will be some cool speedruns.

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    if you're looking for rankings, you probably don't want to be using the dungeon finder

    they're also tuned and suppressed for a certain item level, which is why I guess they figure they don't have to drop loot

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    Ah, well nevermind. That's what I get for not paying attention to all this. My bad.

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    I tried to sell them on upgrading but no dice. I know Fel Iron sells for lots, so there's that?

    And idk, the challenge dungeons are the thing I most look forward to. I'm not looking to get back into hardcore raiding as I'm that guy that always volunteers to help out, then I end up an officer, then six months later I'm in charge of recruiting, healing assignments, dps assignments, tanking coordination, website updates, loot distribution... OK I think I'm going to hyperventilate.

    Anyway, my absolute favorite time playing was ZA bear runs. There were six of us that ran ZA every reset from the time it came out until Wrath launch, grabbing a few people and eventually getting bears for the entire freaking server it seemed. Then alt bear runs, then just trying to beat our previous time. Idk, there's just something fun and satisfying about doing better than we did last time, even months after anyone needed anything from the place. The rankings I don't really focus on, although it would be a fun goal. I don't care as much about beating the everyone else's score as I do about beating my own.

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    I'll make the new thread when I get home.

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    I lied.

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