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Greetings all

This will be my First PAX visit. It is impressive to see everyone is such a outgoing and friendly mood when it comes to this event. Therefore i have brought this up to everyone on the forums.

I will be there with my photography stuff (D7000 prime and zoom lenses, external flash, laptop, etc...) and would be will to do Photography for anyone who runs across me, asks upfront or gets a hold of me during the event. This includes (processed pictures, head-shots, cos-play pics, or anything else you would like). Once i get everything processed at home i can send out the final pics either digitally or print out.

This option is available for after PAX events, after hours events, and around town events. I will be there from Wednesday 29th to very late Sunday night 2nd.

Thanks to all you PAX Veterans and Enforcers out there for making it a great event. See everyone in 3 weeks.

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    I believe there is a rule against advertising oneself, even for donations. Sorry mang

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    I didn't see anything in the Rules section that was against that...?

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