'Clicking' in Dungeons (RSPOD3)

HalrawkHalrawk Registered User
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So I noticed in some dungeons, you walk over certain tiles and hear a clicking noise, anyone know what that's about?

I've found that if you leave the dungeon and re-enter you can re-click to tile, but if you stay in the dungeon, stepping on the tile again doesn't yield any results.
Here is an example of one of the clicking tiles (where Gabe is standing in the picture):


I have attempted to run over every tile in the dungeon, 'clicking' all of the possible tiles. Doesn't appear to do anything, but anyone else find something?

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  • kainz0rkainz0r Registered User regular
    I've noticed this too, and found that the clicking usually makes another spot available to 'click' next. In the area I was testing, they could not be clicked out of order, and they reset if the area was left/re-entered. I tried very carefully to find all clickable spots, but after I found the last in the given area, I couldn't find any additionally clickable spots.

    Sample clicky tile locations in Imgur album. For some reason I'm missing the screenshot of the last clicky tile location I found there (4 total), but I didn't find further tiles.

  • slash000slash000 Registered User regular
    Funky, that must be a glitch. I'll ask Rainbowdespair to investigate and fix if possible.

  • Starcat5Starcat5 Registered User regular
    Which part, the fact that it doesn't do anything, or the fact that it is there at all?

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