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AveryCloseCall’s PAX party is opening a live stream. This is a chance to interact with some of the industry folks who you’ll be seeing around PAX Prime 2012.

Avery has hosted an awesome PAX Prime party for a few years. This party has served as a chance for industry people to unwind, and get to know each other before the awesomeness that is PAX. This year, we want the community to be there. Unfortunately we don’t have a venue large enough to open the doors to the public (this year at least :), so we are doing the next best thing: a live stream. This is a chance to ask questions of a wide variety of pro gamers, developers, designers, artists, project managers, and many others. You can find a video of the event from last year here:

Ever wondered when pro gramers actually sleep? What sort of caffeine developers imbibe to stay awake? Or why your favorite game is always so laggy? Jump on the live stream and we’ll find an industry expert to answer.

As an added bonus, you’ll see the people answering your questions throughout PAX. Feel free to come up to us and say hi. PAX is a great chance for us to meet the people who play our games, and we want to use the stream to make it easier for you to meet us.

We have an indiegogo page up here: http://www.indiegogo.com/paxpart , where we are hoping to get enough funding to pay for the livestream. Donations from attendees have pretty much paid for the party itself, and now we are reaching out the community so that Avery doesn’t have to pay out of pocket for the stream.

We hope to see you on the live stream and at PAX!

Note: we will be posting the url for the livestream in this thread as well as in a separate livestream thread once it is available.

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