Carnival Catastrophe (Mini)Phalla! Carnie (village) win!

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"Welcome to Madame Mathilia's Marvelous Menagerie and Carnival"

"Ha! Yeah right! This place is a dump!"

"That's exactly the point. No one ever comes here, they'll never find us. You bring the stuff?"

"Of course. Let's get this party started!"


Maybe Madame Mathilia's Marvelous Menagerie and Carnival has seen better days. Maybe the paint is peeling, the grounds are covered in litter, and it hasn't turned a profit this decade. That's beside the point. The point is this is the only place any of you have felt like you belong, and these delinquent teenagers are making a mess of everything you hold dear. You can't stand for this any longer. You grabbed one of them and fed him to the lions, but the rest scattered. You've closed off the carnival, but they have disguised themselves and are mingling among you even now. You must ferret them out.

This is a Mini-Phalla

Phalla is the Penny Arcade forums take on the party game Mafia. The basic concept is the existence of a small group of players who are informed of each other (the mafia) who are trying to kill all of the uniformed group (the village). For more information on how Phalla differs from mafia check out the the OP of the Phalla sign up board.

This is a fairly basic Phalla with few unusual mechanics, designed for 25 players. The village consists of the employees of the carnival who have finally snapped and are now removing the gaggle of teens who have been using the outskirts of the carnival as their hangout, booze storage, graffiti surface, and general dumping grounds. By whatever means they feel appropriate. Generally they feel a quick visit with the lions is the most appropriate means.

Vote close will be at 11 PM EST. Figure out what that is in your time, because I have no idea. All order PMs and votes must be marked by vanilla as 10:59 at the latest. If you send one at four in the morning and vanilla says I got it at 11 PM, then tough shit. I will try to reply as soon as I get an order PM, but I do occasionally have a life.

Sign up in bold limegreen, and vote for a player to be fed to the lions every day in bold red. Retractions are not necessary, and edited vote posts will not count.

Clarifications can be asked in public or private in bold orange. I will reply in whichever method you choose to ask.

The host should be invited to all proboards and game-related PMs.

You should know these rules by now, but I copy-pasted them anyway. No sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots or direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. You may not add new players to preexisting private conversations after the first message - start a new conversation instead. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game. Once you are eliminated, you may not make any more game conversation with players remaining in the game, except for one ghost post which can contain no relevant information to the game in any way, shape or form.

Villager PM:

You are A generic Carnie! You have no special abilities outside a tendency to be ridiculed for your choices in profession, attire, and bathing habits. And also the public vote for who to throw into the lion cage. It's cheaper than the food they used to get. Probably more nutritious too.

You win when all who would wish harm on your beautiful carnival are removed from the game.


And a note from the host: I have not run a Phalla before. I have talked over the balance of this game with a more experienced host, but I can't be sure it won't be crazy. Like I said, it isn't that complex, so it shouldn't be unbalanced, but, again, no guarantees. I am also not (in my opinion) a good writer and do not enjoy it overmuch, so don't expect the most involved narrations.

Narrations (heh):
Start of day 1
Day 1 results
Day 2 results

Player list:
1. Cayrus
2. The Anonymous
3. Egos
4. Megafrost
5. Langly
6. Taya
7. Typhus733
8. stever777
9. enlightenedbum
10. kime
11. Anialos
12. Unearthly Stew
13. Mill
14. MrTLicious
15. jdarksun
16. blahmcblah
17. Greenbarons
18. Spoit
19. Lucedes
20. Kilnaga
21. Wiet

I got permission from Mi-go, but if I fucked this up somehow, please tell me!

I am new at this!

Clarifications clarified so far:

You must vote every day, the second day of not voting will result in replacement or removal if no replacements are available.

Ties? Thralls? Millers? Conversions?
Both tied players in a tie will die
No player will ever receive incorrect role information about any player from the host
No conversions

Is this a very standard game of Phalla? Any special rules we should know?
clarification denied (yes I that this clarification wasn't actually clarified but that's not the point)

Should I assume you meant BOLD RED for votes?
yes, yes I did.

SLyM, can you post a list of surviving players after tonight's narration?
No, I cannot.

And if someone dies from 2 causes, would both show up in narration?
Clarification Denied

Would successful kill blocks/redirects end up in narration?
Clarification Denied

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