UPS replacement battery question

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I got a replacement battery for my UPS: APC XS 1000 (white, older model)

Edit: I just finally found it on the companie's site after I made this post (kept getting linked to the newer, black model)

However, the specs on the battery are a bit different.

On the new battery, the max initial current is over 2 amps and is 1.4A on the old one.
Cycle use on the new one is 14.4v-15v and 14.1v-14.4v on the old one.

Will these differences change anyting?

Any advice on disposing of the old one?

The old battery is OM-1339.
This is the new one.

Note: the pictures I find online for the OM-1339 do not match what I have. The kind of battery it has is the same kind as what is on amazon.

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    New one will work fine. It will be capable of handling current and voltage delivery that would've overloaded your old battery. Google up your city/county resources for battery recycling. If your city/county has no facility or nowhere to direct you then you may have to treat this like hazardous materials (like used oil).

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