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Upset about the handling of Precipice 3 for Mac.

modus ataraxiamodus ataraxia Registered User
edited August 2012 in Penny Arcade Games
I wanted to support Precipice 3 as soon as it came out, so I ordered the game on release for full price. I was given the double pack of Cthulhu and BoD, but they were forced installs, and my Mac doesn't support them. I couldn't even get them as a gift to give to one of my friends, they just sit, unusable, even after I contacted Steam about it.

Now the game is on sale for 40% off on Steam. I still can't play my Mac version, and I feel let down because I got nothing by supporting early. No usable bonus, no sale price, and no playable game. Why isn't this out for Mac yet?

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