Internet in the French Alps for Fun and Profit

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My Dad is currently working on renovating an Alpine holiday cabin near the Franco-Italo-Swiss border. His client lent him what he calls an Orange box (I assume to be a modem) but his accommodation has no phone line, and thus he has no internet unless he travels to a tourist information place in the next town over, making it difficult to him to conduct business and paperwork he needs to sort out. His phone is a simple call+text, so forking out on tethering is not an option. Does anyone know how viable it is to rig up some sort of temporary satellite-based internet or what other options he has?

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    Orange is a major internet/cell provider in many parts of Europe. They do have cellular based USB modems for laptops last time I checked. His client will probably have to set it up with them though since it's his residence and I don't know how good your dad's French is.

    Though, the "Orange Box" is a modem. It'd be strange for the client to give it to him if there was nowhere to hook it into.

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