Gaming with the Girlfriend (LEGO suggestions?)

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I'm looking for some co-op friendly games to play with my girlfriend. I've heard the LEGO series is highly recommended for fairly straightforward yet fun local co-op. Do you guys recommend any particular entry in the series as superior? Also interested in non-LEGO suggestions. We're playing on PS3. Thanks!

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    The Lego games kinda depend on which franchises you/she like; I played the hell out of Lego Harry Potter but it's going to be less fun if neither of you care about Harry Potter. That's the only one I've had a lot of experience with it but I like it a lot. Castle Crashers is also pretty fun. I played Gears of War on co-op with my boyfriend and we enjoyed it but if your girlfriend isn't really a heavy gamer that's probably not for her. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a fun beat-em-up, although again if you guys care naught for Marvel comic-related things then it probably won't be as fun for you.

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    Are you asking about co-op games in general, or just LEGO?

    If co-op games in general, then Portal 2.

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    LEGO star wars is pretty fun multiplayer.

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    All the Lego games are effectively the same game with twists, so you really just need to find the franchise that you like. The games themselves are all very enjoyable, and because they've been able to use the same engine and basic mechanics for every game, they are highly polished at this point.

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    I was asking primarily about the LEGO franchise, but not exclusively. Basically just wondering if any one was more highly recommended than the others. We're looking at the LEGO Star Wars compilation because it's cheap on Amazon and seems to include several games in one package. But if it's more about appeal of the theme, she's inclined toward Harry Potter, and I'm lobbying for Indiana Jones. If we like one, and the quality is consistent across franchises as you say, we'll probably end up playing more, so sounds like it doesn't really matter which we start with. Thanks for the info everyone.

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  • amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    Lego Batman is pretty good. I got a free copy of it with the last xbox 360 I had to buy and my wife and I played it for a couple of days.

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    My wife and I love playing Portal 2 and Portal is an excellent game to play for non-gamers to familiarize themselves with the basic WASD+Mouse combo that so many games use.

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    oh wait you said PS3, sorry.

  • Angel177Angel177 Registered User regular
    Rayman origins, straight up!

  • ArbitraryDescriptorArbitraryDescriptor Registered User regular
    My lady-wife is not into any of the franchises represented in LEGO form, but enjoyed all of them and thought LEGO Clone Wars was the best of the bunch. Clone Wars does a lot of things that none of the others do, with it's big space battles and persistent ground campaign where each planet has the standard LEGO puzzle-adventure levels and an optional land battle scenario where you can jump in tanks and walkers blast all kinds buildings and shit into studs.

    The distinction between the franchises themselves is mostly in the character types.

    Star Wars and Batman offer a lot of different character types who are all pretty fun.
    Potter character types are a bit samey. Fun, but they lack the diversity of the former two.
    Indy character types are pretty boring compared to the super-powers on display in the other franchises. A whip is basically as cool as it gets here, and anyone can pick up a gun.

    Overall: The unlocks unlock, the puzzles are puzzles, people and objects explode into delicious studs, and the newer games have more interesting hub-worlds. Caveat: I heard Indy 2 was a bit crap, so we never gave it a chance.

  • mrt144mrt144 King of the Numbernames Registered User regular
    Little Big planet and Torchlight say hello.

  • MuridenMuriden Registered User regular
    Depending on her tastes you could also look at a game like Katamari Forever, the mechanics are simple and the game is pretty fun if you enjoy the strange style of the game.

    If you think she's up to it. Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead are good co-op games.

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    Spelunky for Xbox360 managed to grab my (non-gamer)wife's attention and hold it. I think she might just like all the ridiculous ways that I manage to get us killed though.

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