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I've been posting in the resolutions thread, and want some feedback for some of the Digital paintings I've done so I made a thread.

I'm pretty new to painting with a tablet. And I'm kinda lost. If anybody can point me in the right direction on how to approach this I'd be super grateful.

To give you a reference of where I'm at, here is what I have so far.
These first 3 are me just messing around.

These next few I put some time into. Trying to show the planes of the figure.

And these last 2 I tried to loosen up a bit but ultimately I kinda consider them failures as I can't really find what to do next to tighten them up.

I'm done with these pictures but I will post more studies. For now, I think I'm just gonna copy some of my favorite painters and see what happens.

Any feedback and pointers people are willing to share I would Greatly appreciate.

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  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
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    Keep an eye on your proportions. I see a lot of huge heads and tiny legs.

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    Thanks Rankenphile.
    At first I thought you were making fun of me. I'm like "well yeah, there cartoons" but I Do see it in the more realistic drawings. lol

    So, I haven't posted as much as I wanted because school just started, but I'm starting to manage my time better.
    I've only done one 1 study so far. But I do like the result, even though its very unfinished. I used a different process that seemed to work better.
    Its darker than its supposed to be. I'm still working on how to make smooth transitions with the tablet.

    Anyways, I probably won't be posting that many studies because of school. But i will be posting stuff for a project I'm working on.

    The Project.
    Its for My Visual Development Class I'm taking. Basically, I have to make a short movie in any media.

    Well, last semester I made a short cartoon in flash.
    I had a lot of fun making this thing, and I made it in like a day because I'm a lazy shit.

    So I'm taking the story of my last project and putting a ton of polish on it with better gags, backgrounds, animation. Definitly going for a better story. I think I might set it do a different song as well.

    Camera movements and different effects I'll probably use After Effects because I have a little knowlege of that. And I'll animate using flash. I want to paint the backgrounds in watercolor because I think It could look great.

    This is all I have as far as the redesign goes.

    I think I'm going with the alien on the top left. But we'll see. I also want to make a bunch of color studies this weekend.

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  • tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
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    I like the aliens on the middle far left area, the ones with the more defined space helmet, they seem the most well proportioned. I wanted to duck in quickly and say, I think your style is great, and like Rank said, the proportions seem to be off in some places, most notably with heads/bodies. (most of that comes with practice. I'm definitely a "cartoon" style draw-er too, so I do the same kinds of things myself.)

    I recognize the nude in one painting from the Mark Smith photo reference book. You have given her a bit more character here which I think is good. As for smooth strokes with digital painting, there are a ton of great tutorials in the tut thread here, but it's definitely down to practice! You may want to play with things like stroke settings and see if that does anything for you.

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    I totally got those nudes from the Mark Smith book. Good eye Tapeslinger.
    I had a drawing instructor last year tell me that when I'm not drawing people from life, I should draw from that book. I'm finally getting around to it. And i'm not drawing from life at all. I got to step it up.

    I've been drawing cartoons forever. And I notice that when I don't have a life drawing class( or not drawing from life as much as I should) proportions get out of wack.
    Just going to have to work that life study part of the brain more often.
    I've also noticed when I do life studies my cartoons get craizer and more fun to look at.

    Enough rambling. To the Project.

    I was going to do some studies with watercolor, but the watercolor sketchbook I bought was getting eatin up by my brush. Thats what happens when you buy the blick brand cheap stuff.
    So I just used markers.




    With these I'm just trying to figure out the look and color. At first I was thinking of going with a more UPA flat style. But I think I'll have to round out my space guy more to give him some weight, and its easier to figure out the mechanics of how he'll move around aswell.
    Haven't commited to anything yet but I think I know which direction I'm going.

    Any Feedback is welcome.

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    Well adding what should be final designs for my main characters. But You never know . Might make small changes here and there.

    I have a bunch of sketches in a school notebook, but I'll just post the ones that got me where I am now.

    These were the best of the drawings from when I combined desgns from the last batch.

    And these are what I'm going with.

    Thats an egg on its back. It will use the egg as fuel for it's ship.

    The Aliens probably won't change. Except for the worm. I might switch it up. :?


    Thats it for now.
    I have bits and piece's of the storyboard. Trying to link all the gags in an efficent manner while making sense, is taking a little longer than I want. Which is why the designs might change. But Im getting there.

    Probably won't have color until after the storyboards are done.

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  • tapeslingertapeslinger Space Unicorn Slush Ranger Social Justice Rebel ScumRegistered User regular
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    I love that long-necked teethmonster, he is boss!

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  • ninjaininjai Registered User regular
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    And I like the teeth face puppy looking one.

    As far as the astronaut dude, I gotta admit i preferred him with pointier hands than mits.

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  • DversedDversed Registered User regular
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    heh,... I use to have weird dreams involving teeth. Incidently, I've never had a cavity.

    And Astro guy may or may not have a gun. not sure yet. Thats why I gave him mits.

    Can't wait to put color to these guys.

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    I basically dropped these projects for a job at THQ.

    THQ didn't work out and I've been out of school for a while.

    I want to save up so I can go to AnimSchool at the beginning of next year. I want to start animating again. So I want to ramp up the drawing and practicing walk cycles and timing.

    Here goes


    I messed with the contrast in photoshop because it scanned really light.

    And the Basic Walk cycle from Preston Blair


    The walk cycle came out really wobbly and I think I'm missing a frame. Excuse for me to by a light table. I always wanted one.
    To begin again from the beginning

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  • HalenHalen Registered User regular
    On your figure studies, your shading is fantastic, I'm actually really jealous. But your proportions are still letting you down. The way that woman is standing there's no way you should be able to see the front side of her stomach and breast - it makes her hugely wide. Also there's something you've done at the bottom of the back where it joins the butt in every one that just doesn't fit right to my eyes.

    Draw an egg.
  • DversedDversed Registered User regular
    Yeah, I had the picture taped right next to my paper. So I think the height was ok but the width got away from me.

    so i started from scratch with the animation cycles

    First i did the bouncing ball.

    Then I bought flipbook

    did a run cycle from the preston blair book


    Didn't come out great, so I drew the same cycle but fatter.


    Still some problems, but I'm getting a better feel for it.
    I think I'm not overlapping the drawings enough, so the middle steps are flashing instead of running. And of course staying consistent through the drawings might help.

    And also worked on proportion for this drawing. Feet and Hands man. Feet and hands.


  • lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
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    I don't know anything about animation, but for the figure drawing it might be helpful to do a few drawings with only two values, to help you focus less on all of the stuff going on inside the shadows and more on how you can use just the shape of the shadow as a whole to help describe the form.
    Love the cartoons!

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