How the heck do I draw the "not impressed" mouth?

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Getting back into drawing.

I started looking at some amazing facial sketches by John K and decided I wanted to try to draw a character making the 'not impressed' face below. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out which lines made the look. I just couldn't get the mouth right without getting into a more detailed, realistic drawing.

Any thoughts or examples would really be appreciated, as would any cool links to give me a refresher on core concepts (rules, methods, proportions etc).



Munkus Beaver on


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    you should probably read the rules

  • teezecrostteezecrost Registered User
    Oooh. I skimmed them and it all seemed pretty standard. I will go check for the rule I broke.

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    Ok, as far as I can tell I did a "hi I'm new" post. That part kind of seemed tucked into the SE forum rules.
    Anyway, I'll take out the pleasantries, and then I'm good? Or is there some other glaring mistake I've made this early in the game?

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    new threads are for presenting your artwork for critique
    if you want one specific question answered, post it in the questions stickied at the top or in the chat thread

  • teezecrostteezecrost Registered User
    Sorry. I read the "before posting" rules. Didn't read the "welcome" rules until just now. I'm sure people have typed that very advice 1000 times by now. Sorry to make it happen again.

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    post your attempts, and we can help you
    Otherwise this will prob get locked down.

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