The House Of [Phalla]nstein - Game Over - Monster & Neutral jdarksun & MrT Victories!!!

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The House Of Phallanstein

A stever777 Production


Central Europe
A Typical Rural Village
Late 19th Century

Castle Frankenstein has stood guard over the sleepy village for centuries, as well as being a dark shadow over it. The young Dr. Frankenstein has recently returned to his ancestral home and has begun some secretive and strange experiments, which have the townsfolk worried. What is he up to? What could he be doing? What are the weird lights and flashes that are coming from the castle?

Maybe he is looking for some helpful treatments for illnesses but maybe he is up to something evil. He has never been normal. He has always been a bit of an odd-ball and an egomaniac. Since his return, many strange things have upset the village.

The death of the little girl at the Lagoon.
The blood drained body of pretty Lucy.
The torn body of Elder Sir Talbot in the foggy woods.
The disappearance of the lovely Christine.

What could be next for the poor, little village below the castle of doom?
It can only wait and pray for the evil that may come to pass quickly.

What’s all this then?

This is a mini Phalla for 30 players based on the classic Universal movie monsters of the early screen age.

General rules of Phalla can be found here. New players are welcome, as are old, of course.

Standard Phalla Rules/Mechanics:

You must vote each day. Vote in bold red for whomever you think is likely to be a threat to you. The winner of the vote will be eliminated every night. Tied votes will kill one of the tied players, decided by RNG.

In addition, everyone should make at least one post each day. Failure to vote or contribute will lead to warning and replacement.
Vote close is 11:00 PM EDT. All votes and actions at 10:59 PM EDT and before will be counted, while any submitted on, or after, will not.

Do not directly quote anything from PMs with me, or take screenshots of them. It is okay to paraphrase role PMs, however.

Do not anonymously contact anyone.

When you die, you may make one ghost post which cannot contain any game information whatsoever. After that, please do not discuss the game with anyone still alive.

Ask for clarifications in Bold DarkOrange. You can always PM me with clarification requests, or post them directly in the thread. If you have questions about your role, you should probably use the PM method to avoid giving away info to the other players.

Make sure you invite me to any proboards you might form, as well as any PMs. Do not add other players to PM conversations.

The default villager role:
You are...

Well, a Villager

Dr. Frankenstein's return was hailed as a great thing for the village, at first. Now, many strange occurrences and deaths have everyone suspicious and frightened. The evil that presides in the castle, and all that comes forth from it, must be destroyed.
Get your torch and pitchfork ready.

Win condition: Eliminate all threats to the village.

Order of actions: Vote comes first, then other actions.

Signup in bold limegreen


Are there thralls/millers/conversions?


Are there vote manipulators?


Can I join the mafia?


Are village idiots a potential role?


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