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Great Moments in Tabletop Gaming



  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited June 2005
    Was playing GURPS one time. I had a mage who took the major personality defect of pyromania (the major one, heheh). So basically, he could only learn spells that were fire oriented unless he didn't have one as an option, then he could learn other spells. That being besides the point, my little pyromaniac got himself into trouble a couple of times. First we were in some kind of mansion of some sort. We got stuck in this one room we went into, the door would not open. So, being that it was a wooden door, I decided like all of life's problems, this one could be solved with a fireball. :p So I wind up a L3 fireball, shoot it at the door, and bam. Nothing. So breaking into full black mage style, thinking to myself "What happens to a wooden door when it is hit by a L3 EXPLOSIVE fireball? The same thing that happens to everything else!" So I cast my L3 explosive fireball... again nothing. I was very disappointed, but then my friend decides to take a rational approach to this, using the door handle. He walks over, grabs the handle, and his hand is instantly suffering 3rd degree burns from how hot the door handle is as a result of my efforts. :)

    Second mistake I made, perhaps the most memorable. Same campaign, same pyromaniac mage. So anyways, the details elude me but I remember we were faced by what we later found out was the god of War or something. So we're trying to kick his butt, but failing miserably. And yet again, the black mage in me kicks in. True to fashion, I once again break out my favorite spell, the L3 explosive fireball. Now, before I get into this, for those who have never played GURPS, you do all rolls with 3d6. You want LOWER rolls. But the fireball size/damage rolls, you want bigger, so success you want small, size/damage you want big. So in this sense, 18 is considered critical failure. So anyways, I roll off my sets, and it comes off as follows:

    Success Roll: 18
    Saving Throw style roll: 18
    Fireball size roll: 18
    Damage Roll: 18

    So as a result, I critically fail my attempt to hit the god of war with my fireball, and instead my 6 foot wide level 3 explosive fireball explodes in my face, affecting a 36-foot radius area from the core (With me being point blank), for the maximum possible damage of like 96 or something (I had 20 hp or something really bad like that).

    The DM deemed somehow I didn't die, but put me in a coma as I recovered 1 hp every week, and we were sidelined at a forester's lodge for several months. :p My monk friend got 1-shotted by the god of course, but he didn't suffer nearly as much damage as I had. :p

    Did I learn? Heck no! Sometime later, we encountered the god of war again. He started trying to talk to us, but remembering our fateful previous encounter, I immediately crack open my next fireball. Once again, from the top, 18, 18, 18, 18 was my rolls. As my friend was within 5 feet of me, we both died horribly, thereby ending our campaign. :p

    Moral to the story: those gold dice you see at the stores have a BAD habit of rolling 6's ALOT. :| I got some normal dice after that, but only used them for success rolls. :p

  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited July 2005
    I've got a few stories:

    In my first campaign of D+D ever, we were playing under a young, but charismatic DM. We were all stupid, but at least I was one of the few who didn't make constant bar fights, or pick up prostitutes. Either way, eventually we made our way to this town plagued by vampires. We snuck into the basement, and saw a dead woman on an alter next to a group of vampires. It was still the beginning of the ceremony, so I called upon my knowledge of Vampires. I don't remember where, but there was once a ceremony that required the vampires to drink virgin blood to remain immortal. So I was like "She's probably a virgin. If we find a way to get the body out of here, they can't stay immortal." Then my friend said "But there is a bunch of vampires to stop us." Then Steve said "Hmmm... Or we could screw her, and make her not a virgin." Needless to say, the party drew straws on who would screw the dead virgin. One of the group snuck in there, took off his pants, and... Got a permanent -2 on charisma. The vampires all attacked, but none of them would go near the necropheliac.

    As an older Magic player, I greatly appreciate Teferi's Puzzle Box. In fact, at this point I had a deck based on mixing this with the care Reminisce, so I'd never run out of card. I'm playing this zombie deck, and whooping his butt. I've enchanted a creature who has the power to kill any creature, and instilled energy on it so I can do it to two of his creatures. I also had a creature that I could tap to give two poison counters- ten of which would kill a player- to my opponent. Also with Instill Energy. I've got him to six poison counters, and he has me at 8 life. I have a hand of 15 cards that completely changes every turn, thanks to my Library of Leng. Everything is going fine until he puts out Underworld Dreams, which deals damage for each card you draw. I take 15 damage at the beginning of the turn and fail.

    Just recently, I joined a Vampire campaign. My first time ever playing, and I am a lord of a fallen house, seeking refuge in another lord's house. On the horseride over, I encounter what looks like a Werewolf (or Lupine) and attack it to save this one lady from being "molested". When I attack it, I find there to be a giant super lupine behind me and the character that was molesting the woman says "I am the master of the..." and the name of some fey that sounds like he was claiming to be the master of sock puppets, or the master of self loving- something really stupid and almost dirty. So I turn into my Zulo form, which happens to be really ugly and smell bad. When the stupid fey runs, my character still smells like crap. When I enter the lord's house, all the servants are holding their noses, and at mention the creature's name the lord laughed in my face.

  • SushisourceSushisource Registered User
    edited July 2005
    40k is great.

    I have a 1000 point Ultramarines army and i was playing against my freind who has Daemonhunters.

    We just started playing a few weeks ago and didn't really understand morale so we ignored it entirely.

    My freind didn't really have any heavy weapons exept for esome psycannons and a heavy flamer while i had a plasma cannon, a melta gun, a flamer, a missile launcher, and a dreadnought w/ twin linked lascannons and a heavy flamer.

    I started off by cutting down about half his army with my tactical squads and dredanought. The only models he had that could kill my dreaddy were the psycannon weilders, he rolled 3 6's and my dreadnought died. We engaged in close ombat and long story short it came down to my one terminators versus two of his grey kights, my termy chainfisted both of them in the FACE. I won.

    Some drugee on Kavinsky's 1986
  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited July 2005
    D&D 2E

    First charater ever, my DM let me be a minator Fighter-Gladiator Template (wasn't powergaming either, i just bugged him enough and i was young, didn't know any better)

    me and my dwarven/cleric bud decided to go around undermountain for a bit to make some money and get some xp,

    i go down and see a sword laying in the middle of the room, and think to myself, the dm put alot of emphasis on the sword, so i pick it up. cursed it was, i could not put it down. me being a minator figured, what the hell its still a sword, and i can still horn them. the DM laught so hard when i picked it up and said i was screwed. this beign my first guy ever i got a bit scared

    so only about 3 rooms later we find a room with a single copper coin in the middle, while checking it out we got attacked and notice the cleric's spells didn't go off. so we figured anti magic room.

    i put down the sword and left, the dm just sat there and said "shit"

    pretty funny, then there was the time i saved vs polymorph but the wall didn't so it turned to flesh, i cut off a slice and ate it

    i end'd up killing myself by punching a large glowing jem that exploded and threw me off a 100 foot tower, on a 300 foot cliff.

  • Maverick_and_GooseMaverick_and_Goose Registered User
    edited July 2005
    It was midnight at the 1998 MTG Nationals (origins) in columbus ohio. There were a few random tournys going on. It was the night before the big one started. A few of us that had qualified earlier in the day were down drafting in the main hall seeing who was going to win the last of the meat grinder tournys. Anyway the following happened.

    A very large man the size of two santas, wearing dirty grey sweat pants and torn green shirt, LEAPT to his feet. Jumped ontop of the table ripped off his shirt and ran down the length of the tournement table stepping on cards and shit knocking people out of the way. While he was running His fuzzy beard wagging back and forth and with a crazy look in his eye he yells and I quote.

    There were a good 100 people in the room it was a huge convention hall. I almost pissed myself laughing so hard. Here is this guy who weighs a good 400 pounds with a giant beard topless running up and down tables filled with people playing magic. The faces of the people whose cards he is smashing will forever remain in my brain. Security Tasered him and escorted him out of the building.

    It was the most glorious moment in my 6 year MTG history. No victory or defeat will be more fondly remembered over the fat guy running at origins in 98

  • Maverick_and_GooseMaverick_and_Goose Registered User
    edited July 2005
    Another time A good buddy of mine who i play warhammer with regularly was schedualed to play a game against another friend of ours on a friday night. Before the friend came over we went to the liquor store and he bought a bottle of wild turkey.
    I got a call from my then Girl friend and had to leave right as the other friend got there. About 2 hours later i recieved the following voice mail.

    Jason:(in a very drunk slur)
    CHRIS YOU GOTTA HELP ME, There are little men all over my basement I think they are fighting... I CANT WHEEL MY TROOPS, I tried and broke them. THe fucking skeletons just come apart when you wheel them. Wait a min let me try again...

    Snapping and breaking in the back round

    Jason: (screaming in the backround)

    Shit man you gotta help me they are fucking destroyed.

    The next day i find out that jason and the other guy phil drank the whole thing of wild turkey before they decided to play warhammer and only managed in destroying about 200$ worth of warhammer figs by either throwing stepping on smashing them.

    I wish i would have saved the I CANT WHEEL MY TROOPS part of that message it was fucking funny.

  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited July 2005
    :twisted: shall tell the tale of baggie... the party had recently killed a thief in a market place and on him amoung other things we found a small bag of holding/devouring which basically means a bag with a tardus effect, exept this one bites, can crawl a little bit and nearly took my mates hand off. neway, i want to raise this thing as a pet so give it the name of baggie and start feeding it rats and the snapped off thumbs of people we kill to keep it happy.
    after an accident in a mine with a faulty rope elivator, baggie falls down to the bottom of the shaft, and as it contains the partys gold we go after it...
    we find a small crawl trail and follow it to a drider queens layer who has just banished it to the astral plane cuz it took a bite out of her favorite rug.. we bargian to get it back, and after many hours of waiting she brings it back, but it is a lot bigger and can talk...
    we assume that it has either got lost in a plane were time behaves differently, or has mindlessly eaten something incredibly magical.
    after taking baggie back with us, it transpires that baggie is incredibly evil, and obssesed with treasure, and we are totally unable to rationalise with it that it has absolutley no need for all the treasure that it is hoarding now.
    we were in possesion of a ship and a large crew and after a few days at sea, 2 crewmen have gone missing, and our supplies have vanished... baggie is now not talking to us and spending its time slinking around the ship staring at people and getting caught waiting in peoples rooms with its mouth open ready to eat them...
    in the end we confront baggie with weapons out and tell it to let out the people its eaten and to give up every last penny it has.. it tells us that it cant do that as it has been visiting other planes and trading people and items, as it has been doing for thousands of years... we ask it about this and realise that its not the baggie we found in the 1st place, but this evil creature thats only aim ever is to gain more treasure and screw people over. the queen drider had simply picked up the 1st bag of holding she found and tryed to pass it off to us as our original bag, baggie explains that he was simply going about his business, gets plane shifted here and sees an oppertunity .. we told it to give us its hoard and we would let it live, and its parting words were "the only way im going to do anything u want, is if u manage to find me before i catch up with u, cya soon"

    thorught the concept of baggie was really funny and they way he spoke and was described was hillarious, definatley the best npc ive seen

  • LardalishLardalish Registered User regular
    edited July 2005
    Ok, Im relatively new to D&D, only been playing over summer, but I really enjoyed this one side quest the DM gave us. I was a Northman Barbarian (the northman was a half-orc stat-wise but it had RP differences) there was a cat person bard, a human fighter, and a gnome druid/cleric, all level 5. We were sent to go fight a Bullette that was terrorizing some farmers. We go search for this guy and eventually we feel the ground shake and my buddies down some flying potions, I didnt bc I didnt have the cash at the time to get one. So the bullette comes up from under me and tries to eat me. DM gives me a reflex save to dodge the bite and I asked if I could stab down also, he allows that so I make an attack roll. 3 twenties later, the bullette is dead and the DM is rather upset for me offing his creature in one swing.

  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited August 2005
    january 10 1993

    Ontario Canada

    playing jenga we made a perfect jenga. 100% standing with each block which could be removed removed. i mean, not a single layer had 2 blocks. it was fucking incredible. we took a picture.

  • Carl with a KCarl with a K Registered User
    edited August 2005
    ....Post the picture.

  • CoreyRCoreyR Registered User
    edited August 2005
    I remember playing warhammer like... 8 years ago.

    I choose the lizard army because I heard they were really good and all the litle models were cheap as shit.

    Except the first game I play was againsted elves, and in the first turn of me charging they kill JUST enough of my lizard sluts to make me fail whatever roll I had and they ran. Which made my other units run.

    My entire army ran away except for my soon to be pin cushioned general frog thingy.

    Sweet memories.

  • MasterDebaterMasterDebater Registered User
    edited August 2005
    A couple weeks ago I scored a level three massacre in a 1000 pt Warhammer game (I'm Bretonnians, he was Empire). I destroyed every single one of his units and only lost one man.

    It was glorious.

  • mechaThormechaThor Registered User regular
    edited September 2005
    This is taking place during a 3.5 DnD game where the current setting was in Xen'Drik in the Eberron Campaign setting. So, each of the people in our group of people had extraordinary abilities. I (at that point in the campaign) was a Gold Dragon, so basically I was fairly hardcore. My friend Nick played a crazy Samurai (the campaign started with the Oriental Adventures Campaign setting) with basically insane HP and insane damage reduction (gained from the supernatural abilities.) I think we were about 17th ECL by that point, and basically walking around Xen'Drik finding and killing dragons for buttloads of gold and XP. By this point in the game, our DM had fixed himself upon the idea of killing my friend Nick, who was basically the "meat-sheid" in the most correctly stero-typical way believeable. So, as we are walking around, a giant dragon comes to attack us (I believe it was a Adult Red Dragon). During the battle, we are just smashing it over and over again, and the dragon using feats from Draconomicon makes a grapple check against Nick (the meat-sheild) and gets it in its mouth. By now, our DM was ready to kill him, and was going to have no problem doing so. At that point, the adult red dragon (while having the samurai in his mouth) flys up into the air, with the intention of dropping him from ~1000ft in the air (100d6 damage, averaging a 300 hit point loss). So as this dragon is continuously flying up in the air, I am flying with it trying to take it down and get Nick out of its mouth. As well the samurai has the dragons teeth sticking into his spine and is trying to slash it with his weapons at the same time. Eventually, while at about 700 feet in the air, we kill it and it begins to fall. Suddenly, our eyes widen as we realize that he is about to fall 700 feet while in the mouth of a dragon with his spine being pierced by a dragons teeth. As its falling, I am trying to grab it and fly up to stop it from falling, but it doesnt work. In the end, the dragon hits the ground from 700 feet in the air while the samurai is in his mouth, taking the falling damage and damage from the teeth being dug further into his body. Since he didnt actually die from that event (amazing, I know, but thats damage reduction 25 for you) the DM decided to have me make a check to stop myself from falling, in which I somehow fail, and I land on top of him. In the end, the samurai didnt die, despite all the shit that happened to him. The DM gave up trying to kill him after that and he never died again.

    A bit long, but we all talk about it to this day.

    "I sent an e-mail asking why wood elves get +2 Str when other dwarves did not. My response from customer service consisted of five words: 'Wood elves are really strong.' "
  • Carl with a KCarl with a K Registered User
    edited September 2005
    My friends and I almost never play DnD, and when we do we almost never follow all the rules, but it's all in good fun. So I'm DMing one game a few months ago, but only 2 of the players showed up. Oh well, I thought, I'll set up the campagin anyway, they can meet the other characters along the way. They were supposed to get some basic equipment, take the quest hook, and get the hell out of there. What happened culminated in them spending more than an hour and a half in one block on the town, burning down several buildings, and stealing ownership of the local inn and inviting tired travelers to their doom. An hour later, they were finally ready to leave town, the Sorcerer's robe stained with blood, and the Half-Orc wearing the skin of a little girl's face as a mask. I might tell the whole story later, if I find the time.

  • StoverStover Registered User
    edited September 2005
    This is the story told to me of a turn zero win in M:tG type one. Facts may not be entirely accurate, because this is an old one.

    Player 1:
    Tolarian Academy
    Ornothopter x2
    Black Lotus
    Mox Jet

    Tap Tolarian Academy (UUUU)
    Sack Black Lotus for red mana (UUUU RRR)
    Wheel of Fortune (UU R)

    Tap Mox Jet (B UU R)
    Dark Ritual (BBB UU R)
    Dark Ritual (BBBBB UU R)
    Lightning Greeves (BBBB UU)
    Entomb, targeting Phage the Untouchable (BBB UU)
    Animate Dead, targeting Phage (U)
    Stifle, targeting Phage

    Then, as the guy is attaching the Greeves to Phage...

    Player 2:
    Force of Will, targeting Stifle.

  • redstormpopcornredstormpopcorn Registered User regular
    edited September 2005
    That is fucking awesome.

    emot-kamina.gif BELIEVE IN YOU, WHO BELIEVES IN YOURSELF emot-kamina.gif
  • leafleaf Registered User regular
    edited October 2005

    A squad of six Inquisitorial Stormtroopers are being advanced on by the xenos Eldar Howling Banshees. In true style, they raise their plasma guns to cut down the closing Xenos on rapid fire. They pull the triggers, overheat their guns in their zeal, and all three die. The deaths of their squadmates is too much at the oncoming threat, and their fellows scream in terror, turn tail and run off the engagement zone.

    Lan Parties:

    Many - "Hey, let's go to a knife map! He won't be able to shoot us then!"
    *map cycles to ka_knife, 10 minutes later...*
    Me - "Hey I forgot to tell you guys, my favourite map lately has been a knife map..." *score balloons up to 21-2, knife headshots, killing the entire enemy team on my own, etc...*

    And again the Mechwarrior 4 ownage. In two kitfoxes, we were able to hold off and destroy two Fafnirs. In a longbow I was able to take down two advancing daishis and a madcat mark2. In a game of 7 on 3 (our third teammate never playing the game before) we not only held off the opposition, but solidly beat them back.

    Dan - "Hey leaf, howecome you only have ONE kill huh?"
    Me - "Um..Dan...do you see what I killed? A RAVANA DESTROYER while you took out barely 5 of their shivas!"

  • Daemon_AconisDaemon_Aconis Registered User
    edited October 2005
    Stover wrote:
    Something about a deck with a Mox and Phage in it.

    So they were playing Phage in type 1?


  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited October 2005
    Shadowrun with my crew back in high school. Oh man, good times.

    A high profile contact of my character, an embittered ex-Lone Star investigator turned PI, offered us a high-paying contract in Hawaii. My crew (one of the motliest groups of misanthropes imaginable) hops on a plane and heads out to the islands.

    We're supposed to meet our contact - who's going to provide us with floor plans and a description of an item we're supposed to steal from a high rise- at a seaside cafe. We're decked out in our most garish tourist garb and sipping drinks while we're waiting for him to turn up. Off in the distance we hear a bit of a disturbance that's slowly coming closer. In the distance we see a guy running as hard screaming "help me" as he can from a right nasty-looking pair of well-dressed bruisers. He takes a hard-turn into a blind alley, they follow.

    A group with *any* scruples probably would have investigated and helped the guy out. Our mage - who was a noble sort - urged us to assist him. The rest of us were comfortable, however, and decided to let someone else handle it.

    A couple of gunshots later, the two bruisers come screaming out of the alley and flee. Now that the threat to us is gone, we decided to check out the scene and either help the guy or relieve him of any creds he no longer needs.

    Turns out the guy was our contact. D'oh!

    Rational people would have turned around and gone home. We decided to proceed with the run anyway, without any idea what it was we were actually stealing. We used the plans and plotted out an elaborate break-in, searching the place for anything that looked even remotely valuable (we later found out that we were supposed to be stealing data).

    Things went downhill after that. Turns out three other groups - all much better prepared than we were - hit the same office the same night. We end up getting seperated in the crossfire - my character and our street mage captured, our rigger and demolitions expert escaped through the ventilation system. They ended up bungling that, too, and fell two stories down a ventilation shaft onto someone's desk. The rigger ended up with a ball-point pen jammed into his datajack.

    Eventually everyone managed to get out of the clink and regroup back in Seattle. Our characters never spoke of this run again.

    I've got a couple of good stories from this group. A little bit later I'll post the one where our Rigger tried to sucker punch a vampire in the mean bean machine.

  • SpokesSpokes Registered User
    edited October 2005
    So they were playing Phage in type 1?


    FTK with Phage doesn't sound like such a bad t1 deck. Unlucky FoW, but what FTK t1 deck isn't susceptible to one?

  • Dyrwen66Dyrwen66 Grand Moff Arvada CORegistered User regular
    edited October 2005
    My first time playing D&D tonight, but we had a funny moment of stupidity.

    So our thief member of the party swipes a knife off these Orcs we just killed and the next morning we awake to the smell of food. The dwarf party member is cooking, so we wait, and he eventually slips out his knife into the food to take a bite. Soon thereafter, he feels sick. The dwarf looks at it, to learn he's been poisoned via that dagger he ate off of, without ever checking out. Needless to say, his wisdom sucked. So he's at low hp as 5 orcs show up and ends up killing two of them, one by jabbing a bastard sword through his eye with a natural 20. Luckiest run of moves that night, heh, can't believe he survived, but it was 5v5.

    Just goes to show a quick search saves you pain later..

  • Martyr_slothMartyr_sloth Registered User
    edited October 2005
    Ok here are a few from over the years:

    1) One of my very first games of Marvel Superheroes. It is a pretty simple game just to introduce someone to rpgs, so we decide to use established characters. So it happens that Spider-man shoots at a robot with a web from atop a building and attempts to pull the robot off the ground. He fails the strength check however and the result is the robot pulling him off of the building by his own web, and flying 3 blocks into a fire hydrant.

    2) Second Ed D&D Most of our party had been killed off when we stumbled into a civil war. So many of our group had re rolled new characters. All that remained were my lvl 7 Paladin and a lvl 6 Warrior. Too ease in the new characters the DM decided to run us through a module he had just picked up (I can no remember the name of it but it had to do with a crashed space ship), so a ball of fire rockets over the village we are in and the warrior and I go to investigate, little do we know that a rouge Halfling (played by our former cleric) is following us. So we arrive at the crash site and find the ship, and begin to wonder what this huge metal object is. As we being to move closer however we hear from over the hill “MINE! MINE, It’s valuable it’s MINE!” And we see this small Halfling run and leap and the object, hugging at it closely. The DM then informs us that the Halfling is very quickly being eradiated. So, the Halfling falls to the ground slowly twitching.

    3) Star Wars, I was the Gm for this one, and I had put many hours into planning. So after tracking a mysterious group responsible for wiping out a mining colony for weeks. The heroes, a Jedi, Solider, and Scoundrel finally come face to face with the group’s leader. As they approach the leader who’s face is masked by a plated helm throws back his cloak and to reveal his body armor, and on each forearm is a double bladed light saber. He then strikes a fighting pose as all four blades ignite and the battle begins (I was doing my best to make this a dramatic moment). The soldier won initiative and took the first attack rolling double 20s and blowing the arm right off his opponent and ending in one shot a battle that was several games in the making.

  • DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
    edited November 2005
    On november 5th there was the worldwide D&D gameday. There was a premade module along with premade characters, some rather strange premades, all 4th level.
    I was playing a Kobold wizard who I later named Neek McSqueak, the fighter was Vax Ward, there was a changeling and a cleric. The fighter had a few useless skills for the module, which took place underground in a big evil dungeon, one of which was the ride skill. After hitting the female drow boss down to negative hitpoints, the fighter wanted to tie the drow up and ride her around the dungeon. We successfully persuaded him from doing something so suicidal, but our changeling had a good idea. The player controlling the rogue was a DM so he always had a good idea what to do. He changed into the drow, mutiliated it's face with an acid flask, wore her clothes, and "tied us up" as "hostages". Unfortunately we already killed anything with a intelligence greater than 6, so the idea was useless, but twas good times.

  • Rear Admiral ChocoRear Admiral Choco Registered User regular
    edited January 2006
    When playing Mage Knight with a friend, we always build bases and landscapes out of random stuff in my room and Jenga blocks. We made a lake, two large bases, and just some general obstacles in the field. He had a massive army of zombies and a revival unit (no health penalty on revived zombies), while I carried mostly swordwielders, healers, and a few steam golems.

    I constantly cornered and killed his zombies, only for him to revive them. I would chase them all around the field and his base, though it never lasted too long as the zombies moved predictably slow. I was having fun with this, until he moved an amphibious zombie into the lake. At that point my only ranged fighters were far from it, and I was too lazy to move them over. So I killed his only reviver. He was pretty well fucked over at that point, with only the one zombie in the lake.

    I did have a golem that could move underwater, and I was on my way to the lake, but then we decided that we may as well call it a match, as it was obvious there was no way he could have pulled himself out of the situation.

  • F_diskF_disk Registered User
    edited January 2006
    One game I was in had me playing my first ever cleric. I was pretty proud of my priest of the fire god. After playing only a short while, I noticed that I was the only character to have thought of purchasing a helmet. I suddenly decided that Brother Mark was very, very proud of his helmet. He talked about his helmet all the time, but never wore it.

    That is, until we were ambushed by some brigands on a road and threatened with death if we didn't pay. Since I was the most Charismatic of the group, I was nominated to parley. Unfortunately, the brigands weren't very understanding and insulted my faith, my family, and my mother's inability to stay out of the bed with men other than my father.

    My response? "I put on my helmet." We kicked their asses and that became a long-running joke/battlecry. Playing a fire priest was weird though. I insisted on cremating every corpse we came upon/created, and one time I burned down a home trying to "unlock" the front door.

    "On the whole, you know, this whole world is run by brutes for the common and the stupid. Frankly."--David Bowie
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    I was playing MtG wiht my cousins, he's using a raianbow deck and pinging me to death with little 1/1 creatures, I'm playing a green deck. I've got 1hp left but I finally have the mana to do it, and I power up a 2/1 Penumbra Bobcat to 60something/60something trample that gets 3 +1/+1 tokens for every creature that blocks it (My hand was full of ancestral masks and tiger claws and things like that. For those of you that don't know what Ancestral mask does, it gives +2/+2 for every other enchantment in play. Tiger claws gives +1/+1 and trample. I also had a card that gives +1/+1 tokens every time a creature blocks or is block, but I forgot what it was called.) I go to attack, and my one creature is so buff that he'll take MORE damage if me blocks he than leaves it alone. I, thinking I've won the game, begine gloating saying things like, "Well you'll be left at -42, wait no 43. Well you did your best better luck next time." And then the bastard used dark banishing. :?

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    D&D story from this past weekend:

    Our gaming group is currently in the employ of the king of a mid-sized city. His cleric (and right-hand man) took us aside and asked if we'd be interested in doing a bit of assassination on his behalf. A rival city was getting uppity, and he'd decided to annex the whole thing as soon as the current ruler was deposed. We all agreed got directions to the town, busted out our +2 disguise hats, and started on our way ("we" being a lvl 8 warlock, lvl 8 monk, and lvl 7 sorceror [me!]) One of our players had gotten killed the previous week, so his newly-made lvl 7 dwarf fighter decided to join up with us.

    This dwarf fighter had an elephant figurine. More specifically, he had an elephant figurine that could turn into an actual elephant once per day. He got it out of a lucky draw from a deck of many things. Our group leader also got turned Chaotic Evil by an unlucky deck of many things draw... more on that later. So we went through this hidden and heavily-guarded mountain passage and over to our target town. It was bustling with life and commerce and all that medieval crap, but we couldn't see any dwarves in the crowd. Accordingly, we crammed an invisibility potion into our newfound friend and decided to scope out the place.

    Now, afterwards, our GM outlined what plan of action he thought we'd take. He figured we'd sneak our way in, find the king by himself, blow him up with magics and or fightings, and then run the fuck out of the palace with a long string of guards chasing us. Either that or we'd beg audience with the king, blow him and his guards up with fightings and or magics, and then escape the palace with a long string of guards chasing us. Either way, there would be a lot of guards and anger and bad vibes. Here's how it actually went down.

    First, our (chaotic evil, although none of our characters knew it at the time) warlock leader put forth the idea of a distraction. There were wheat fields on the outskirts of town, near the poor district. He said that he could set fire to these fields, thereby leaving only a skeleton guard on duty at the palace while everyone else ran out to form a bucket brigade. Our monk was resistant to the plan at first (lawful/good), but I (chaotic/good) thought it was an excellent idea since the ends justified the means and anyway, the people in the town seemed like assholes. He threw a couple fireballs into a nearby field, and we snuck up onto one of the castle walls while screaming peasants and guards ran past us, trying to put out the fire. Eventually, two of the guards on the wall saw us and started attacking, but we dispatched them without too much trouble.

    It was then that we noticed a peculiar quirk about the guards: they only attacked our dwarf friend. There were six elite guards standing in the courtyard (they eventually figured out what was going on), and every single one of them was attacking the dwarf. I was raining lightning bolts down on top of them with eldrich fury. The monk was picking them off with pinpoint precision. The warlock was being all creepy and evil and weird, and was climbing the palace wall and setting people on fire, but they still took all their shots at the dwarf. In fact, they punctuated their attacks with horrible dwarven slurs. Obviously we were dealing with racists! After a few more rounds, they decided that maybe they should do something about the annoying guys on the wall, but I dropped a fear on them and they all ran off. Through wanton and gratuitous killing of guards, and the subsequent reanimation of said guards, we managed to rout the courtyard battle and run into the castle, barring the door behind us and melting the lock.

    We searched all of the castle rooms until we found the king, surrounded by his six elite guards. Our dwarven friend, beaten up and bloody from all of our little skirmishes, let out a horrible yell, yanked the elephant out of his pocket, and long-bombed it at the king. The figurine spun through the air, turned into a huge elephant, and smashed three elite guards outright. We sent our zombie guards in and held the others in place while the elephant started trying to take a chunk out of the king. Unfortunately, he picked that exact moment to turn into a half-dragon... thing, and we had a long and grueling fight to finally bring him down. Instead of just taking the king's head, we crammed the whole damn king into a bag of holding, as well as all of his elite guards (they had awesome weapons.) The dwarf croaked halfway through the battle, so we crammed him into a bag of holding as well and flew out of the castle window. The warlock, who could not fly, cloaked himself and crawled out Spiderman style.

    When we got back we had the dwarf rezzed, and split up our loot. The GM awarded us an additional 2,500 experience for coming up with such an interesting plan, and efficient use of elephant. We ended up burning down half the town, and three of the guard corpses were smashed beyond salvage, but we killed that motherfucker dead.

    This space intentionally left blank.
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    I just got home from a session of D and D. Ok, we were all playing level ones because one guy couldn't make it so we couldn't continue our long story arch. There was an elf druid, elf warlock, gnomish wizard, dwarf fighter, and human bard. Needless to say we barely made it out of the dungeon, infact my bard accidentaly killed himself by setting off too many traps, but I digress. The memorable momment came when we found a pit toilet in a wizards laboratory. Our fighter decided he was sure the dm had hid something down the toilet, why else would it be there. So, without so much of a second thought he jumps down the 30 foot shaft into a huge soup of shit. Thankfully we had a rope to pull him back up but for the rest of the adventure he took a 5 point hit to his charisma. To further the idiocy, there was nothing in the toilet. We couldn't stop laughing as he made a desease check and the dm told him he may have to shave his beard and all the dishonor that would go along with that.

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    Alright, gather 'round, kiddies. Grandpa Weatherman's going to tell y'all some stories. Stories about World of Darkness.

    Alright, let's start off with one of my favorites. I had just started to GM games, so I decided to start a V:tM game. Keep in mind that I didn't have much exposure to the type of "people" (and I use the term lightly) who play this game. I ended up with 8 people, half of whom were gothy, Hot Topic types, the rest being the biggest nerds on the damn planet. So they rolled their characters, and we started to play. Before the exposition was over, they had already divided themselves into their respective cliques. At first, it was a bit annoying, trying to get stuff done while the players were arguing about EVERYTHING, but eventually it got... interesting.

    The characters had been sent on a mission by a rich, influential vampire to find out who was killing the Camarilla higher-ups in the city (NYC). They were sent to question a middle class ghoul who had apparently witnessed one of the killings. Of course, they totally fucked it up, their characters almost coming to blows over what to do with him. Eventually, they settled down enough for me to be able to tell them that he was made into a ghoul by a vampire who worked as a secretary at the office he worked at. So, the next session, they decided to follow her home when she left the office. She left a bit after sundown, and they followed her to an abandoned warehouse. They spent about 10 minutes arguing about how to get into the building, and eventually ended up with two guys on the roof, two guys sneaking in the back door, three guys guarding the entrances, and one guy in the ventilation shafts. They all managed to get to the main storage area rather quietly, and listened in on the meeting. Apparently, a Camarilla upstart was trying to work with the Sabbat to get rid of the current Camarilla leadership so that he could take over and turn on the Sabbat, driving them out of the city. As the meeting ended, one of the vampires spotted the players, and they were forced to fight their way out. However, during the fight, one of the nerd-types said, "I take a shot at the Toreador on the floor." After fighting over whether or not he was allowed to do this, I just said he could, and he shot him right in the back. The player didn't directly respond, but got really pissy about it. So, as they escaped after the fight, the Toreador tripped him in an alley, almost getting him killed. They eventually just ran off, barely escaping.

    At the beginning of the next session, they had found their way back to the Camarilla HQ, and had been told that she had disappeared, but a Nosferatu spy had discovered her sneaking around the subway system. This is where the story gets awesome. And by awesome, I mean really fucking stupid. They went down to investigate, and it turns out it was a trap. They ended up in a shootout with somewhere around 15 Sabbat thugs, which went on for a few minutes before the players began to argue about whose fault it was that they got ambushed. Eventually they started fighting, and broke off into separate sides of the station, fully shooting it out with each other AND the thugs. I didn't let them hurt eachother TOO much, because I was actually trying to salvage the game. However, the SWAT team eventually showed up, as I had originally intended, and began to attack the vampires in the subway. Eventually, all of the Sabbat lay dead on the floor, and only 5 of the players survived. By now, they were running VERY low on ammo, and the police had already brought reinforcements, and started firing tear gas into the station. Apparently, this made them decide to CHARGE INTO THE TUNNELS. Rather than using service tunnels or something (I'm pretty sure they knew there were service tunnels in the subways, but they were pretty retarded), they just ran onto the rails, running right into a moving train.


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    Pkmoutl wrote:
    "I always thought Cthulhu'd be bigger."


    My story takes place in a Modern D20 setting, our party is in China looking for a guy who had major ties to a major end-the-world cult (Winternight from Shadowrun as a matter of fact.)

    So we're at the top of a posh apartment high-rise and our attempted meeting with him goes bad, like shotgun blasts, Chinamen falling 40+ stories out of windows and CCP SWAT getting called out in massive force bad.

    Our party is hurting pretty bad after dispatching the guy and his bodyguards, and is looking out the broken window at the large contingent of Chinese police flooding into the building and wonder how the hell we are going to get out alive.

    Then we notice one of the elevators is coming up from the ground floor (presumably) full of Police intent on killing us. Then I say "Hey, we have thermite grenades don't we?"

    -An aside for a moment, at a purchase DC17 (mil.) thermite grenades may not be cheap, but at 6d6 fire damage in a 5' burst they are incredibly powerful in small spaces, like say elevators.-

    As the elevator reaches our floor, and the door starts to slide open, the last thing the 6 or so cops inside see, is a primed thermite grenade roll into the elevator.

    The grenade explodes, turning the elevator car into a twisted, flaming wreck that plummets over 40 stories, taking what little remains of the occupants straight into the parking garage.

    Needless to say it was one of our greatest moments as a gaming group.

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    DnD 3.0, with assorted house rules.

    I played a rogue, the other two were a sorceror and a half-orc barbarian. We had gotten into this good-sized city that was holding a competition of arena fights, and my fellows decided to participate. I did not. While they proceeded to tear-ass through the ranks, I started off my day with a mead and a side of beef. As I feasted, I met a man weeping into his beer and, being the concerned kind of guy I am, asked his troubles. He told me that a half orc had stolen his lifesavings and business earnings and there was no forseeable way for him to get it back. I offer to do it for a beer, which was gladly accepted and I set off to this mongrel's house. On the way I pickpocket a pageboy that was carrying a trifle amount of change and a sealed letter to some nob about some guy entering the championship. I managed to perfectly forge the seal using just a magical firey dagger. I feel like fucking MacGuyver.

    I find the half-orc's home and instead of picking the lock I decide to use my ethereal armor and just pass on through the door. No one is home, so I start searching. I find a chest in the bedroom with a false bottom and a tunnel that I start to crawl through when I get the old 'hands where I can see them' routine. Turns out a local big-shot thief had been shadowing me. All is well when I explain why I'm here, as it turns out the orc was doing some unlicensed theivery. We take his stash, set his house on fire, and I start to follow this thief to the guildhouse. We meet the orc on the way, fooling him to look away while I crit a sap on him. He is incredibly heavy to lift, as I am not even 5 and a half feet tall and the other thief is very slim. As luck would have it, the orc had Ogre's gauntlets, which I put on and carry him with ease.

    Being a thief from a small village and fairly untutored, I had no idea of the existince of a guild of theives, which saves my life from that pickpocketing I did earlier. To initiate me in the guild, I have to deliver the letter Istole without being seen and within an hour. Their man will accompany me. I agree to this and casually stroll back to the tavern with the crying man, talking the other thief up, not realizing that the house I have to deliver to is a good 30-40 minute horse ride away. I give the man his money, drink my beer, and run into my fellows that now have a lot of cash and assorted magic items. I tell them a bit of my task, then realize I have a sorceror as a friend that happens to have teleport. I have the guild thief describe the location I have to deliver to, and after 3 tries, success! I return to the guild in 20 minutes, much to everyone's amazement.

    I am a lucky son of a bitch, I tell you what.

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    So, one day, my party of 6 (Barbarian, Bard who never sang, sorcerer, rogue, ranger (me), and druid) tried to get inside one of the largest thieves guild in the largest city, largest nation in the world. Well, through some of our barbarians blundering, we accidentally killed the guild-master with his hookah. Our rouge picked up his glowing deck of cards before we ran. During our escape, I cut down a man in armor trying to stop us. He happened to be the lieutenant of the city guard. We lost the thieves, but had to steal some horses of the guard to escape them. The only animal left was a "dokey." (The druid had misspelt donkey) The dokey is retarded, and takes three steps forward, turn in a complete circle, and so forth. It would also crap itself whenever it heard its name, "Francis." We made him crap on the captain of the City Guard several times. After we lost the guard, our DM wanted to take a break, so he said that the next nearest city was 6 weeks ride away, so we would take off 5 minutes per week. With about 6 minutes left in our break. My ranger was getting horribly bored, so I said the now famous line "I'm drawing a card from the glowing deck." Deck of many things. pulled the "defeat next monster to gain one level" card. Killed the fiendish weasel with one arrow and hit level ten. But my ranger had to be greedy. two more pulls, two more levels. on the third pull, he draws the "outsider hates you" card. DM rolled for what outsider. Hextor. Total party kill in one shot. The guys chased me around the house, and caught me after i tripped on the DM's dog.

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    My gaming sessions were full of way too many great things to write them all down, so here's just a few of the best ones.

    DM: You come into a room. In this room there is a shallow pool. In the exact middle of this pool is a duck.
    Rogue: I search the room.
    DM: There's a pool, and a duck in the middle of the pool. That is all.
    Fighter: I wade out there and swing at the duck with my sword.
    DM: As soon as you hit the duck with your sword, it suddenly appears on your head.
    Fighter: I remove the duck from my head.
    DM: You can't. The duck is stuck to the top of your head. FOREVER.

    That one was during my DM's annual April Fool's Dungeon. Those were always...entertaining.

    Rogue: We'll have to use Reincarnate, we don't have enough money for a proper rez.
    Barbarian: Ok, fine. *rolls* An elf? I don't want to be an elf. I want DM's choice.
    DM: Do you really want DM's choice?
    Barbarian: Hell yea!
    DM: Ok. You come back...as a BADGER.
    Barbarian: I'm a Dire Badger?
    DM: Not a Dire Badger. A badger. A normal badger. Your int is now 4.

    DM: The beautiful woman says to you, "How can I ever thank you?"
    Rogue: "I can think of a few ways..."
    DM: She bends down and kisses you. YOU LOOSE A LEVEL!
    Rogue: WHAT!
    DM: Succubus!
    Rogue: Nooo!

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    2 stories. The first is the first time I ever played a game. Changeling: The Dreaming. I'm playing a fixer or whatever they are. They guys who fix stuff with junk and a stream of explicitives. In this game my GM let us all have one really cool item. I came up with a Swiss Army knife that can turn into anything I need. I mainly used it as a shotgun. So we're going up against 4 villains who have been inspired by nightmares. The first one we fight is weilding dual cold iron pistols. I said "Who does this guy think he is? Jesse James?" We kill him and receive a few bruises of our own. The next time we face the villains there are 3 new ones. A samurai in jet black armor, with asthma, whose katana is glowing red. A young girl with a battle axe and a normal looking guy with glasses. After beating the crap out of the gunslinger we think this'll be a piece of cake. Wrong. Or weapons do little damage to any of them and we wind up running away. Apparently we need to say their names out loud to be able to harm them. We fight some minions and royally kick their asses then it's on to the baddies again. After one of my fellow PCs is cut down I scream "Suck it Lizzie Borden". My shotgun, which had previously had little effect on the three baddies, takes her head clean off.
    The normal looking guy in glasses keeps transforming into different creatures and is really tearing us apart. Then he turns into a killer clown. Yep. Pennywise. Pennywise kills our groups leader, a prince, and as we teleported away, I said "I'm going to shove my shotgun up your ass and give you an enema you'll never forget."
    So we retreat and regroup. Vengance is sworn and we hunt the remaining baddies down. We keep calling the shape shifter Pennywise and concentrating our attacks on him because the samurai is being held off by one of our tanks. It finally comes to me. Stephen King. We beat him down and he falls to his knees. I walked up behind him and did exactly what I said I was going to do. All the other players stared at me in shock as I pulled down the shape shifter's pants and preceded to give it a buckshot enema. The samurai turns out to be Darth Vader and he gets his ass handed to him. My fellow players still talk about how crazy they thought I was when I dispatched King.

    The other story comes from the first time I GMed. Playing Seventh Sea. One of the guys is playing an Eisen nobleman with a full suit of Eisen armor, which is basically magic but still ways as much as iron, and a Zweihander 9 feet long which cost him a crap load of character points.

    This guy boards a Montaigne ship that has grappled with the ship he is on and proceeds to the powder room. He walks out with a keg of powder that he has knocked a hole in, trailing a line of powder in his wake. Archers aboard his ship cut all the lines holding the ships together and his ship, which has raised its sails begins to pull away. He sets the keg down, ignites it and then sprints towards the railing. He has to leap from the main deck to the aftcastle of the departing ship. Factoring everything in together I think he needs to roll a 40 to survive. He only gets two d10s to roll his leap with since he spent everything on the armor. In seventh sea if you roll a 0 your die "explodes" and you reroll it adding ten to whatever you get. He rolls his two dice. They explode. They exploed again. He's sitting at 40. He just barely makes the leap. But he gets to roll on more time. They come up snake eyes. He winds up rolling 42 with 2d10.
    As his character sat on the deck trying to catch his breath the captain of the ship walks up and says "Nicely done, but you get to pull all the splinters out when we get to port."

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    Ancient D&D story, back when I started playing 3rd Edition:

    About halfway through the campaign, our illustrious DM (Name of Dusty) decided to indulge in some planar travel.

    Another member of the group had gotten the psionics sourcebook and decided to make another character from scratch. Dusty balked- loudly- at this. After about twenty minutes of argument, he relented and the player moved to the other room to make his new character.

    Dusty called for what's called a payback vote (A vote where we decide if the GM can through things at a player for wasting time/BS'ing/being an ass). Out of four of us in the room, there was an abstain and three "Get 'em" votes.

    About an hour later, the player waltzes in, with us already on the other side of the planar gate to 'Dusty's Abyss'. The player attempts to show off his shining new psyker by jumping a river of green water.

    The character smacks face first into a force field and falls into the water, where he's eaten by a giant alligator. Now the player's annoyed, and tries to get out by summoning help.

    Crits the roll. Instead of summoning a tinker gnome, he summons an astral deva. The rest of the characters are promptly showered in alligator gore and the errent PC.

    Dusty, grinning like an idiot, says only one thing:

    "Bet you won't do that again."

    Just another day in paradise.
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    Let's see. I got some 40k moments here.

    First game I ever played was a three way between myself, my brother, and ym cousin who owned all the guys. It was a long time ago so this had to be 2nd or 3rd edition. Anyway I take an army of my cousins Space Marines, my brother uses my cousins Imperial Guard, and my Cousin uses a Tyranid army. (My Cousin was nuts about 40k, he had an army of every race at that time)

    So we start and I begin to fire stuff and the tyranids. My cousin had just told us the importance of command units. I looked at my brother's IG HQ and thought what the hell, and teleported my deepstriking terminator command squad around his command squad. Point blank range my termies massacre them in one turn of shooting.

    Funny part is, his turn he simply turns every tank he has which happened to be surrounding the bloody remains of his HQ and points thier gun right at my squad. 3" away I might add. Three Leman Russ's fire thier main cannon. First shot scatters into the second Leman Russ causing a penetration and blowing it up, second shot scatters into the first Russ also causing a penetration and it blows up. Third shot is right on target and I fail all my saves :(

    My cousin couldn't stop laughing for a couple of days. Still it was a very dramatic first game.

    Of course there's always that game where a squad of my Imperial Guardsmen charged a unit of Space Marines into close combat and killed every last one of them in the first round of combat without taking a single casualty. My friend and I just looked at each other in sheer amazment.

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    Last summer, a friend of mine ran a Warhammer Fantasy RPG. He bragged for weeks before-hand about the preparation that he was doing, that no matter what we did he would be ready. All I can say is, he doesn't know RPG players enough.

    There were a lot of stories from that campaign. My favorite, though, is when we're just passing through a town and our female elf grave-robber/mage manages to get caught in the act of robbing a crypt. This is kind of a backwoods town of the Empire, and so, of course, the peasants believe that she is a witch.

    The rest of our party (an Estalian duelist [me], a dwarf Slayer, and a monk) finds out that she is to be burned the next sunset. So we hatch a plan. A few minutes before the burning, the dwarf sneaks to a nearby building, sprinkles it with lantern oil, and sets it on fire. The villagers notice, panic, and start trying to put it out. The dwarf circles around to another building and repeats. Meanwhile, I go to the stable, irritate the horses, and let them loose.

    So there are multiple buildings on fire, spooked horses running around everywhere, and in the chaos the monk unties the elf and we beat a hasty retreat.

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    My friends and I get together every other Friday to continue our gurps campaign.

    heres the low down on the players, as theres a few stories to tell.

    Gavin (me): Warrior. Dumb.

    Cameron: warrior. ass.

    Josh: Rouge. technical

    Ross: GM. narcissistic.

    tale number one...

    Ross is GMing, And the party finds themselves in a large, generic cave filled with large, generic monsters.

    We come to a long, dangerous bridge, much like the one featured in lord of the rings...

    Naturally, being dumb and seeking phat lewts, Gavin runs ahead. Gavins weapon weighs 3 tons, (it is weightless to him becuase of his gaunlets) he sort of just throuws it beind him to break the bridge and make all the enemys fall, and runs in front of it.

    "roll a 5 against what the hell is wrong with you gavin"

    i rolled a 5 with 5 dice.

    (low numbers win, in gurps)

    "fuck you, gavin. you fucking run across the damn bridge"

    now that all my teammates were abandoned it was time to roll for scrounge. scrounging is like a thorough search that takes an hour each, but house rule is you can just do it.

    So i scrounged.


    i scrounged.


    My teamates failed there check and fell into a cragy pit, killing them all.

    i scrounged some more.

    at this point, ross was so fuming that he awarded me the most incredible prize ever...

    a butt rock. a rock, that looks like an ass. now, whenever we pass a character with any sexual tendency, they rape my butt rock. all of my teammates have to check for rape gavins ass rock if they are to close to me.

    That was a long time ago, and i now have a nearly fully functioning bottom half a a man. he is the butt rock man. thank you.

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    I have actually only played a little personally, but these are some stories I heard from a friend.
    The group moved out of a main building in a large town to arrows flying past them. Eventually they figured out that the arrows were coming from invisible pixies on the tops of the buildings. Somehow the fighter gets up there, grabs a pixie, and jumps off the building with it, causing the pixie to die from fall damage. because of the way fall damage is done, the fighter didn't take too much damage. This went on for a while until he killed all the pixies..

    Another time, the group was in a small watercraft on the ocean when a naval army approached them. (The GM expecting them to be captured). The wizard uses the shape water spell (sorry don't know the real name) to raise the water under the ships and then reduce it to barely anything, causing all the ships to crash on the rocks. good times.

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