Rattling case fans

GrouchGrouch Registered User regular
The top and rear exhaust fans of my tower (this) have started to rattle terribly. I've never had to fiddle with fans before, so I'm wondering whether I should try to fix (lubricate?) the existing fans, or replace them with new ones.


  • illigillig Registered User regular
    as always, you start with the free fix and see if it works - if not, you proceed to spending money

    so, open the case, clean the fans (dust/dirt can actually unbalance the blades, causing a rattling), make sure no wires are coming in contact with the blades (another common cause of noise), and if all is well, remove the little sticker and put a drop of machine oil in there.

    if it works, then you're done - if not, then you have to replace. Looks like the fans are 120mm so a pretty common size - just make sure to get the same end connectors or you'll have to do some crimping/soldering.

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