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cant dance. please help with links- no specific style just want to be able to dance to music in general if you know what i mean.

why do i think dancing is the most awkward thing ever?


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    Just get out there and do it. You either have rhythm or you don't. If you want to learn more formal dance, you're gonna want to take lessons. If you just want to dance in bars/clubs, don't worry about it. Everyone else out there is drunk and doesn't give a shit how bad you are.

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    Haha, I'm in same boat. I want to dance like this guy.

    Seriously there's been things where I didn't think I could possibly do it, but get thrown in and get some instruction and BAM BAM POP - I'm looking good. How hard could it be to learn some basics to blend in at a club? Most people aren't dance monkeys but they pass the test.

  • EshEsh Tending bar. FFXIV. Motorcycles. Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    Most music is in 4/4. Just move to the rhythm and you'll be fine. Dancing like that guy in the video takes years of practice and is more of a performance art than what I'm assuming Sam wants to do.

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    Sorry I might not have made clear I want to learn too, and that guy's obviously a freak of nature :) And from OP's "just want to be able to dance to music in general" comment I took it to basically be learning to dance at party/wedding/concert/club etc. - informal stuff. Cuz that's what I'd like to learn.

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    If you just want to dance informally, then really just do it.

    Personally I'm taking dance lessons for formal stuff (I think that's called ballroom dancing in English) and I can say that it's fun. I wouldn't advise trying to learn it just from videos. You do get a better feel for rhythm etc. if you take some lessons. It will also feel less awkward fast. I'm guessing you both are guys, and in this case it's incredibly easy to find a dance partner. Basically just call a school you want to learn at and they will have a long list of women looking for a (dance!) partner. Sometimes you get a discount just for being male and showing up.

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  • evilthecatevilthecat Registered User regular
    been in your position before, I just went to youtube and searched for things like "how to dance at a club".
    There's loads of videos showing you a basic 2step.

    While I agree with previous posts that say "just go and do it", I personally just didn't have the confidence to go to a club and just start dancing.
    So if it makes you feel better just practising at home in front of a mirror before going out, why not.

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    Don't have any specific videos off the top of my head, but here are some general tips:

    Step 1) Move your feet
    Step 2) Lift up those arms
    Step 3) Keep your head up

    I know that sounds silly, but that's the advice that got me started. I could go in to more detail on each point, but you will probably be nervous when you go out to dance for the first time, so it helps to keep simple things in mind. Swaying to the music is pretty easy once you relax a bit, and a lot of people will get glued to the ground or will lock those arms at their sides. Alternatively, nervous dancers will be so intent on moving that they watch their feet, which kills a part of the social aspect of dancing and can make you look a little silly.

    That said, most people on the dance floor are not dancers. You are not being judged out there, and even if you are, the grading curve is huge. It also helps to go out to the dance venue of your choice and do a little people watching. Look at how people move and interact. It helps a lot if you go with a dancing buddy or group.

    Granted, joining classes really does help as its a non-threatening place to build body coordination and confidence. Even a gym step aerobics or zumba class can help. Also, and this depends on what sort of dance venue you are looking for but I am assuming its more of a night club scene, pick an appropriate starting place where you feel comfortable. For example, there is a bar near me called Howl at the Moon. It's not primarily a dance club, but a dueling piano bar. The music is fun, the folks are laid back, and generally people will dance at the bar, table or standing around. It's sort of a no pressure way to feel your way in to your rhythm.

    Or, if your in to electronic dance music, go see a live performance where the DJ is running a set that everyone is there to see and you will be part of a jam packed crowd of people dancing. There isn't really a dance floor at these sorts of venues, it's more like a concert, where you are either at the bar, hanging on the fringes, or an anonymous face in the crowd. In there, you can wiggle, hop up and down, or whatever to the beat and fit right in.

    And once again, most people dancing are there to have some fun. This is what you should be doing too: having fun! Assuming you aren't doing a DUI two-step onto someone's feet, most people are pretty friendly or, at the very least, indifferent!

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  • DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    Find music you like. Find the beat. 4/4 is ridiculously popular right now so you should be able to find it in most pop/top 40 songs and any club music. Clap if you're not sure. Then once you've found the beat, move to it. What's that mean? Tap your foot in time with the beat, bounce/hop to it, march to it if you cannot think of anything to do. Look at PSY. When he walks into the stable you can see his steps hit the ground in time with the beat. When he's doing the horse dance, it's the same. When he does a pelvic thrust, or throws his hand up it's in time with the beat. When at a party or club it sometimes feels like the floor is a giant drum that we're all stomping in time with the beat.

    Now that you're moving to the beat, have fun. Kids will naturally jump around and move to music they like. It's overcoming years of self-imposed inhibition about how one is being perceived by others that's the root of dancing-related self-consciousness. Kids don't have that yet so they don't have problems dancing. I probably wouldn't bother with mirrors unless you're actually trying to learn specific moves.

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