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So PAX has once again come to a close and many people are looking to trade swag. So, here is your thread to do so.

A few quick rules:
* Trades only, no cash offering or asking, and no begging. You should at least have swag to offer in return when asking for something.

* No game item/beta key/virtual goods codes trading. Because game codes can be used, then passed off to somebody in trade before that person discovers the code is used or possibly fraudulant. In order to prevent scamming of this nature, we are asking that people only trade physical items.

* Please everybody be honest in all trades and timely in making your shipments.


Size (if applicable):
Method of Shipment:
Prefer to Trade for:

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  • AtashiAtashi Registered User regular
    Item: Moga Phone Jack Mini Stylus and Pen 2-in-1 (about 2 inches long not counting the jack dongle)
    Size (if applicable): N/A
    Location: Moga booth freebie
    Method of Shipment: USPS First-Class or whatever is the cheapest
    Prefer to Trade for: Something of similar value; I have a bunch of random pins and cards from the weekend
    Notes: Moga is the booth that advertised a bluetooth (?) gamepad add-on for smartphones

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  • Kwisatz HaderachKwisatz Haderach Registered User
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    HAVE TO TRADE [Updated 9/13]

    - Complete set of the ten metal Magic the Gathering House pins, still in bags, plus a few spares.
    - PAX 2011 blue PvZ light-up glasses
    - PvZ Wall-nut and Zombie head plushies
    - PAX 2008 Champions Online logo backpack
    - MOGA phone-jack touchscreen stylus
    - Intel "fps > u" black hat
    - PAX 2010 Dragon Age II Inflatable Spear, NIP
    - Firefall inflatable plasma rifle, NIP
    - Injustice red headband (never worn) + Batman: Arkham City comic
    - PAX 2010 Tutty'n Beans can w/Porgus plush
    - Several of the Playstation All-Stars arm sleeves (Kratos, Nariko, Sackboy, Ratchet), barely worn (about a minute each)
    - PAX 2010 Lord of the Rings Online dev-signed map (folded unfortunately, distributed thus)
    - Orange LBP Karting shirt, XL (never worn)
    - New Super Mario Bros. 2 shirt, XL (never worn)
    - PAX 2010 Mortal Kombat Fatality shirt, L, blue version (never worn)
    - PAX 2010 LBP2 "zipper" shirt, XL (never worn)
    - PAX 2010 AION Assault on Balaeura shirt, XL (never worn)
    - PAX 2009 Beaterator logo yellow shirt, XL (never worn)
    - PAX 2009 Killzone 3 Swag Bag/t-shirt (XL, never worn)/lanyard
    (and lots more swag'n shirts from PAXes back to 2008, if you're looking for something specific to trade for what I'm after, drop me a message and I'll see if I have it)

    Trader Location: Issaquah, WA
    Method of Shipment: Hand-to-hand preferred, but if shipped then anything trackable, everything's easily shippable

    Prefer to trade for:
    - Playstation All-Stars Team Parappa arm sleeve (really after this one) Achieved!
    - Complete set of the League of Legends metal pins from PAX 2011
    - PAX East 2011 Uncharted 3 promo shirt, XL (the maroon-red version, logo across the chest and artwork down the front)
    - Pink Kirby 20th Anniversary squeeze-ball (missed this one)
    - Foam LoL Sivir crossblade from PAX 2011
    - ZombiU brains beanie (preferably new/unworn)
    - D&D light-up spider beanie (preferably new/unworn)
    - PAX 2011 Mass Effect Inflatable Omniblade, NIP/never inflated

    Notes: Example LoL pin can be seen below:

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  • kfoilkfoil Registered User regular
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    Item: Hawken shirt or Torchlight 2 shirt
    Size (if applicable): Size small preferred. Will consider a medium if you don't mind sending me the shirt measurements. (Idk if these even come in sizes other than large, but it never hurts to ask, right?)
    My Location: Seattle, WA
    Method of Shipment: I'll ship via USPS first class mail
    Have to Trade: Got a black The Last of Us (Ellie) shirt (size S) and my buddy's unwanted red tLoU (Ellie) shirt (size M). Also got that 11x17" poster. And Assassin's Creed 3 shirt (size S). Might also consider trading my R&C shirt (size M) from the panel (but haven't really decided yet). One-for-one.
    Notes: Preferably unworn. But if you've worn it once and you're not a sweaty/it's not gross or stained or anything, that's cool too.

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  • iqubaliqubal Registered User
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    Will Trade for
    Item: Borderlands 2 (prefer blue but will take yellow) OR Metal Gear Rising Shirt.
    Size: Large only
    My location: Vancouver Canada ( Can ship to US no probs)
    Method of shipment: Canada Post
    Have to trade: Plants vs Zombies Wall-Nut hat
    Notes: Please have unworn tshirt as this hat was never used. I actually got it for my friend, but he didn't really care for it lol.

    iqubal on
  • RadioactiveTRadioactiveT Registered User
    Desperately want to trade for: Sackboy PS All-stars scarf

    Have all of these to trade:
    shirt sizes are (L) LBP Racing, AC3, and Rayman
    Lanyards, xbox avatar items, Medal of Honor Patches, and anything else you see here, just ask

    My location: Seattle
    Shipment: whatever's clever
    Notes: I have 9 of the PS All-Stars Scarves and to my knowledge sackboy is the only one I'm missing, so with that it is quite of value to me, Please contact me if you have one

  • Faren22Faren22 Registered User regular
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  • NillyNilly Registered User
    Item:Star Trek Satchel bag from Intel
    Size (if applicable):
    Location:Seattle area
    Method of Shipment: whatever you like
    Prefer to Trade for: Halo swag bag from 2011 with the small Halo figures, magazine and black Halo bag; X1 Mastermind Intel Sweatshirt in L, Star Wars XL and L shirts from 2011, Guild Wars 2 Shirts in L, End of nations hats and shirts, ask I know I have other stuff!

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  • snoozypandasnoozypanda Registered User new member
    Item: Kirby T-shirt from 2012 Bubble blowing contest or 2011 Mass Attack
    Size (if applicable): S or M preferred
    Location: Bellevue, WA
    Method of Shipment: USPS first class mail

    Arkham City Artbook + Batman comic
    Glow in the dark T-shirt from Gigabyte Sz L
    Razer clapsticks and Headband
    Small Plush Zombie head from Plants v Zombie
    Wakfu green Tshirt and drawstring bag from 2011 Pax
    Foam Chainsaw from Lollipop Chainsaw from 2011 Pax
    Inflatable sword from 2011 Pax (Dragon age?)

  • InsanekittenInsanekitten Registered User regular

    +Pink Kirby T-shirt (Sized S or M)
    +Kirby Stress ball
    +The Walking Dead T-shirt - Saint Johns Dairy logo ver. (Sized XL)

    Location: Vancouver, BC (Also have a mailbox in the states)

    *Tons of stuff! I will update it as I unearth more stuff from PAX 2009-2012...these were just off the top of my head!

    PAX 2012
    +Arkham City Artbook + Batman comic
    +Plants VS Zombie Small Walnut Plush
    +Plants VS Zombie Magnet Wild West Dress-up set
    +Bethesda Portable Speaker Set (sealed)
    +Hitman Mousepad
    +Super Mario Bros. 2 T-Shirt (Sized XL)
    +Rift T-Shirt (Sized XL and M)

    +Lollipop Chainsaw Foam Chainsaw
    +Dragon Age Inflatable sword

    Method of Shipment: Canada Post, or USPS if I'm down there

  • kemikalkemikal Registered User regular
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    1 x Torchlight 2 Shirt (XL)
    4 x PlanetSide 2 Dog Tags: 1 x Terran Republic, 1 x New Conglomerate, 2 x Vanu Sovereignty
    1 x Magic the Gathering House Pins (set of 10)
    1 x Final Fantasy Anniversary Poster
    1 x Kirby Anniversary Poster

    Location: San Francisco Bay Area
    Method of Shipment: Negotiable
    Prefer to Trade for: Guild Wars 2 Shirts (S, M, or L), The Last of Us Shirts (S or M), Assassin's Creed Shirts (S), any interesting posters or plushies. Any shirt that is a size S is an automatic will-trade-for.

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  • adias.angeladias.angel Tech-Savvy Wife Kalamazoo, MIRegistered User regular
    Item: Hawken shirt
    Size (if applicable): L
    Location: Michigan
    Method of Shipment: USPS
    Prefer to Trade for: Boarderlands 2 shirt size small or other size small shirt

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  • sanovahsanovah Nerd of the West San Diego, CaliforniaRegistered User regular
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    Not trading anymore, got the buttons I wanted. Could a mod please delete this.

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  • edhor the greatedhor the great Registered User
    edited September 2012
    Have to trade:

    From this year:
    Counter Strike Global Offensive bag
    Magic the Gathering bag
    Plants vs. Zombies Peanut/Walnut plushie
    League of Legends lanyard
    Guild Wars 2 bandana (its only been worn twice and washed once)
    League of Legends glow sticks (still in plastic)
    Plants vs. Zombies Walnut hat (hasn't been worn)

    From last year:
    Dragon Age II inflatable toy (still in wrapper but part of the year has worn off)
    Halo CE USNC Marine Mega Blocks figure (unopened)
    Halo CE Covenant Elite Mega Blocks figure (unopened)
    Halo CE UNSC Spartan Mega Blocks figure (unopened)
    Halo CE UNSC Warthog (unopened)
    Rift lanyard

    Location: Redmond WA
    Method of Shipment: USPS or UPS whichever you prefer

    Looking for:
    Shirts preferable but willing to accept offers.
    Sizes: (Prefer XL but L will work)

    edhor the great on
  • NullzoneNullzone Registered User regular
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    Long shot, but here goes.

    Item: Magic the Gathering Mike Krahulik Planeswalkers shirt
    Size (if applicable): L
    Location: Virginia, USA
    Method of Shipment: Negotiable
    Prefer to Trade for: Negotiable
    Notes: I have various things that may be desired in trade, though very little swag from 2012 itself, so hit me up and we'll talk about possibilities. I could even be persuaded to trade for packs of cards or other things.

    Nullzone on
  • TimepantsTimepants Registered User new member
    Item: One of those huge Quantum Conundrum pink foam top hats from PAX 2011
    Size: Absurdly Large! (like a foot tall from top to bottom)
    Location: Seattle
    Method of Shipment: USPS. Probably parcel post, or 1st class if they let me.
    Prefer to Trade for: Anything really.
    Notes: I've got this huge pink hat I never use that's taking up space. I'll happily send it to someone who'll enjoy it. I'm not really looking for anything specific in exchange, cool pins, a large sized shirt, an offer to shout my name while chasing a duck, I'm not picky.

  • sleepygeckossleepygeckos Registered User
    edited September 2012
    Looking for
    Item: Magic the Gathering Guild pins (Have Golgari and Boros)
    Location: USA
    Method of Shipment: USPS

    ((Sorry, my niece just got a hold of my best swag items and plushies))
    End of Nations - Mousepad
    Counterstrike swag bag
    Lots of other misc small things and buttons (like unused Lolth pop outs)

    sleepygeckos on
  • punziepunzie Cookie Pimp Registered User regular
    Item: New Super Mario Bros 2 shirt (x2), End Of Nations shirt (omg super soft!), Assassins Creed 3 shirt
    Size (if applicable): all xl, except nsmb2 which i have in both xl and l
    Location: NH
    Method of Shipment: usps priority mail
    Prefer to Trade for: CAH white shirt size m->xl.
    Notes: I didn't have time to wait in that line. Someone tried to get me a shirt on Sunday but they were gone :( All my shirts are unwashed and unworn except the AC3 shirt which accidentally got thrown in the wash.

  • kube00kube00 SE WA StateRegistered User regular
    (Shirts are unworn and unwashed)
    Stuff from PAX 2012
    Intel Shirt L
    Far Cry 3 Shirt L
    Walking Dead Shirts M and L, both designs
    Blacklight Retribution Shirt L
    Turtle Beach and DC Universe Lanyards
    All Stars Battle Royale Sly Cooper scarf x2

    PAX 2011 Shirts
    El Shaddai L
    Starhawk L

    Location: Eastern WA
    Method of Shipment: usps priority mail/parcel post

    Prefer to Trade for: Other PAX stuff
    Plants vs Zombies hats or plushes
    Castle Crashers figures (long shot I know)
    Borderlands 2 Shirt size L
    League of Legends Lanyards
    League of Legends Teemo hat
    God of War Ascension Shirt

    1st PAX was Prime 2010. Made it to several more Primes/West. Been to East and South. Headed back to West in 2019 for my 12th PAX.

  • DuelLadySDuelLadyS Registered User regular
    I have:
    Atari Arcade Shirt- M (still in plastic)
    Wreck-it Ralph Shirt- XL (unworn)
    ET Figurine (in package)
    Sly Cooper Scarfy-thingy
    Twitch TV pin set
    Paper Mario Sticker Star Sticker sheet (sliver backround, mario holding a mushroom and book. I'm told it's the final sheet from the sticker hunt. I just found it on the ground leaving the con, so I don't know)
    Rock Band Blitz keychain

    Things from not PAX 2012:
    MASSIVE Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters poster
    One Piece Sniper King Wanted poster sticker
    Yu-Gi-Oh 'Dueling Inside' door hanger
    Origin: Spirits of the Past seed packets (they're really old, no guarantees the nerve plants will grow)
    X anime character guide
    Shonen Jump USA tissue packet
    Cardcaptor Sakura postcards
    Crayon Shin-chan speech bubbles
    Shattered Crystal.com mousepad (shows EVE online, Combat Arms, World of Tanks, Runes of Magic)
    Nico Nico T shirt- S (unworn)
    Thunderstone Poster
    PA Might & Magic Heroes VI mini-poster thingy
    Atlus Strap (With, I think his name is Jack Frost?)
    Prince of Tennis preview DVD
    Hero 108 online disc
    Getter Robo... scarf? I dunno, it's in plastic
    Card from one of those Dinosaur King-type games, don't know which one
    Actual Dinosaur King card
    World of Tanks disc
    Utena PP card envelope w/ fushigi Yugi trading card
    Utena PP envelope w/ Escaflowne movie card
    Baccano napkin
    Firefall blowup noisemaker (possibly just one tho')
    Shojo Beat Sticker
    PA card game 'younglings' card
    Tokyopop Free Comic book day sampler
    Strike Witches underwear paper planes
    Assorted anime plastic bags

    I want:
    Kirby things
    Rayman things
    PA Magic: the Gathering shirt in 2XL (did they even make that size?)
    I dunno... whatever?

    I realize I'm late to this party, but I wanted to try and go through my assorted old swag... I have more than what's listed, actually. I just want stuff I'll use.

  • mr.Dobalinamr.Dobalina Give me your Metal Gear Solid things, please. SeattleRegistered User
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