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Is dangerous "volunteer" work worth the risk?



  • NakedElfNakedElf Registered User
    edited August 2007
    What does the Bible say about proselytizing when it's risky or liable to get you killed, anyway? Protecting your own life is probably paramount, but aren't there also a whole lot of martyrs who died preaching in areas as hostile as Afghanistan?

    Should you only risk your life preaching when you feel compelled to by a higher power, or is it something that's technically expected of everyone?

    I remember something in the Bible about a jewish fellow getting nailed to a dead tree for proselytizing.

    I think Christianity is actually pretty clear on this point, at least when it comes to the early church. You will be tortured and jailed and maimed and killed and prosecuted for your faith. All you can do is try to convert as many people as possible before you die, and then you and everyone else will go to Heaven because there is no death anymore, so dying is meaningless.

    Most Christians at this point aren't really interested in living the apostolic lifestyle or being martyrs, but some of the more Protestant sects get off on being persecuted. So if people can't find persecution in their home communities, they either have to invent it (fear teh War on Christmas) or go find some persecution somewhere else.

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