Verizon DSL keeps dropping out

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So last night I went down to my parents' place to pick up my son (they baby sit a couple times a week). While I'm down there my dad starts complaining that they can't get a solid internet connection. They're using Verizon DSL through a wireless router to their new Mac Book. This is the first time they've had internet in the house and the first new computer they've had since a Compaq 386. So I'd really like to avoid them having to deal with any unpleasantness like this.

Does anyone know if there's anything they can do? Or at least any troubleshooting steps I can have them do? Sorry I don't have more details.

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    Reset the DSL modem. If that doesn't help, you have to start calling Verizon. Have them do a remote line test. This will sometimes ferret out a basic issue, like a bad connection at the outside box.

    How old is your parents house? If it's really old, with really shit copper, they may be getting electrical interference. Friend of mine lived in an old house with DSL, and every time his AC kicked on and loaded up his electrical grid, his DSL would cut out. Best way to fix this is to have Verizon run a direct copper line from the outside box, straight to the jack where you want DSL. Obviously you could re-wire the whole house with shielded copper, but that's probably less likely than just having Verizon run a direct line.

    Also make sure your parents aren't too far from the central office. Some DSL companies (and Verizon is among them), will sell you DSL even when you are way out of range for a solid connection. If that's the case, only option is to get your cash back.

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    Yeah, the house is 50 some odd years old. It's the house my mom grew up in and that my grandfather built.

    I'll pass along the suggestions. Thanks.

  • punkpunk Registered User regular
    Hold up - is the DSL cutting out, or is it their wireless connectivity? Important distinction!

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    punk wrote:
    Hold up - is the DSL cutting out, or is it their wireless connectivity? Important distinction!

    From what they were saying, it's the DSL. Although assuming they know what they're talking about when it comes to this stuff is probably not the wisest coarse of action. lol

    I think the first thing I'll do is have them hardwire connect to the router and see if it's still a problem.

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    I had the same issue with Verizon DSL. Call center guys are clueless. they keep wanting to send me new routers. none of which did any good. However the FIX was made. I had a Verizon tech come to the house. He installed a Filter at the input box and grabbed one of the phone lines which was dedicated to the dsl and separated it from he rest of the phone lines. Not a problem since. Apparently the wiring in the house, whether its because of poor quality wire or too many jacks or other extraterrestrial interference was picking up stray signals and corrupting the dsl signal. Its been wonderfully nice for the last 3 weeks . prior to the it was down 3 to 6 times a day.

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