[PLANETSIDE II] - Stupid Sexy Vanu [~LAUNCH IN 1 DAY~]



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    Well looks like it's Waterson for me, since that's where Hex will be.

    As will I. Did you get that info straight from the horse's mouth?

    It's in that reddit thread posted a further up, DVS is listed there, so that's where Hex should be.

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    I'm considering the goons, but I was more partial to VS. And I much prefer Vent to NC. Maybe I'll start a PA platoon for VS? WOuld there be interest in that? Just officer-up PA people, run open squads and be open to pubbies, but more or less stick together?

    I'd be up for this. I really think I enjoyed VS more in the beta.

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    I may make a thread when i get home from work . Definitely think its my plan.

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    FYI. The solution for error 1001 is not correct. The MS fixit tool does not work. I am going to keep spamming the twitter accounts of Smdley, Higgy and PS2 for REAL a solution.

    They already said the release installer would uninstall the beta.

    Please link me to where they said that. The last I heard from J_Smed was that you have to uninstall the beta before the release client to avoid conflicts.


    This page describes the stuff to delete manually: http://help.station.sony.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/36735

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    I'm not expecting this to be the smoothest of launches.

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    I am absolutely giddy by the fact that I have 60,000 Station Cash (Lol triple cash weekend) to spend in this game. Being able to purchase the Dalton and Zephyr for my liberator means many many kills on launch day. This is going to be glorious. My squadmate dropped $100 on Station Cash during the triple cash weekend, so he's sitting on 310,000 SC. No shortage of vehicle weapons for us.

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    I think you are doing your math wrong there...but either way I am sure you have more than enough.

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    So it goes live in 12 but we cant download yet?

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