Has anyone seen CHIP?

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There is a computer game that we used to play (ooo prob 10-12 yrs ago) called Chip's Challenge...it is a highly addictive puzzle like game. I do not remember if it was a game that we purchased and put on the computer or if it was downloaded. I found a few downloadables online but am hesitant. Does anyone know a trust worthy download for this game. Most that I found are "unknown publishers" Thanks!

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    The developer has created a new game called Chuck's Challenge which looks pretty similar and which you can get on the iphone.
    It is also on steam greenlight and will be released on PC/Mac.

    Other than that all I can find is that the original game was developed by Epyx and they went out of business in 1993, so no idea if the property is abandoned or not. You can easily get the original Atary Lynx version on ebay for cheap.

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    Chip's Challenge was in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack (which was so ubiquitous that until I looked it up on Wikipedia, I thought all these games usually just came with Windows, haha). I won't comment on where to find a trustworthy download because I don't want to run up against the forum rules, even if it's legal to download now... but I would guess that a legit version of Chip's Challenge would almost certainly come up as "unknown publisher" in XP and beyond because I'm pretty sure the ability to identify a publisher for your program didn't exist in 1989! You might also have trouble getting it to run if you're on 64-bit because it's a 16-bit program and 64-bit Windows hates those for no reason (as in, tells you it won't run it).

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    Someone rolled their own 32bit game engine for this. It doesn't have the original chips.dat level files, since those are copyrighted, but apparently it uses the same format. It does come with other levels, including the unreleased CC2.

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    Thanks, I will give these a try... I know the game is not on this Seasons must-have-list:)

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