help and Service for the Disabled?

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Hi guys, don't want to bother anyone here but being that Ive been disabled and living on my measly social for two years I am still trying to find ways that can help me save some cash to keep aside for needs and in case of emergencies. I am looking for employment too, but my disabilty would only allow me to work for at least part-time and not doing much physical work. Until then I am looking to see if anyone here can point me to websites that can help people in my situation such as partial help to pay rent, food pantries, etc. What I found so far can do so much and its getting pretty bad. Any help will be greatly appreciated and no, I aint asking for money from guys, just tell me where I can find aid and Ill be just fine with that, thanks.


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    Do you live in Texas?

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    Yes I do

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    This is just some general advice, as I'm sure the resources down in Texas are different than what I have up here in NH.

    1. Make sure your SSI is up-to-date. While there's usually a yearly raise (woohoo, $0.23!), it could be the case that you're entitled to more based on a variety of variables (your current expenses, any new legislation that's been passed, etc.). So get in contact with your local Social Security office to double-check that you're getting all you're entitled to.

    2. Be sure you know how much you can earn before it affects your benefits. Not just SSI, but things like Medicaid/Medicare. It can be a minefield with all the various groups and agencies, and you don't want to screw yourself over because you accidentally made too much money some month.

    3. Do you have any kind of Medicaid/Medicare case manager? If so, they're the go-to resource for things like rent assistance. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

    4. Get in contact with your local employment office. Hopefully Texas has some sort of vocational rehabilitation program specifically designed to help get the disabled into the workforce. If they do, sign up with them. If not, then the employment office should still have relevant resources available to you.

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    I'm not from anywhere near Texas, but Nightslyr's first two point hold true universally. Make sure you are receiving what you are entitled to, and make very sure that you don't earn more than you are allowed to earn.

    I've worked with people who were screwed by that kind of thing, especially the 'earn more than allowed' aspect. That doesn't really help you, but make sure that you are safe from that kind of thing when/if you find part-time employment.

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    Awesome, thanks guys!

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    I don't know what your disability is, but you may be able to find a nonprofit that's local to Texas that can help advocate for you. They should be able to give you the kind of assistance Nightslyr's talking about. Sometimes when you're suffering a severe disability, half the battle of getting what you need to live is finding someone who can help you navigate the paperwork.

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    Will check it out too, thanks.

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