Cards Against Humanity DIY Custom Cards

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Okay, I love Cards Against Humanity. Its an awesome party game. I want to make more custom cards so the game stays fresh though. There are CAH generators and instructions on their website and stuff, but all of those seems to make cards that are half the size of the normal cards. That is driving me crazy. I have a normal set and I'd like them to at least match a little bit. I have the proper card stock and every, just not a template of blank cards of the correct size. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Or tell me I'm doing something stupid with the template that is provided which is why they look so small to me.

Also, I guess I wouldn't mind having some custom card ideas thrown my way.


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    You may be able to change the settings directly in your printer options; I had to do that recently because a pattern I needed was printing too small and there was no appropriate setting to make it bigger.

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    If you need ideas, go jog through the Cards Against Humanity thread over in Critical Failures. They might know some good ones, and I bet they wouldn't mind if you took some of their card ideas.

    Not to mention as long as the game goes on, you should be getting a few fresh ideas every so often.

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    Its not so much the idea-part that's giving me issue (though I will check them out), its the 'finding-the-right-size-card' format-template doo-dad. Once I got that, everything else will fall into place. I emailed the CAH people and asked them. I might know by tomorrow. Or they'll laugh at me and say something mean. I'll let you guys know.

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    What size cards are you using? You may be able to make a small template that you can copy as you need onto a piece of paper or whatever you're using for cards. I'd just open Word, make a shape that looks like the card I'm using, and then fill in the text and what have you.

    EDIT: Yeah- this could work if you know the exact dimensions of the card you're using. All you have to do is use the Shape tool and make a rectangle using the tool. If it's not exact, there is a window that you can fill in with the exact measurements of the card. Then that will give you the card shape.

    When you have the shape, right-click the box and select "Add Text" and type as needed.

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    You have the card stock that you can print directly on? Just measure the dimensions of the cards and make a template in something like Microsoft Publisher. Sort of along the same vein as this (registration required). The font is just Helvetica.

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