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Making a Game: Need help and advice

I've gotten into pixel art lately and made a short animation but I'd like to try and make a actual game out of it. It would be a super simple 2D platformer but I don't know where to start. Does anyone know what programs would be the best to use? Should I use something like Construct or try something like Python?


  • halkunhalkun Registered User regular
    I would recomend IG Maker that allows you to make side shooters, platformers, and action RPGs like Zelda: A Link to the Past. It's geared to non-programmers and have a whole bunch of really nice tutorials that have a code inside for 10% off. (It also has a 30 day trial out of the box. Try before you buy)

    I would suggest Tutorial #3 first (The one that says "Start Here") that shows how to make a simple platformer where you jump on penguins.

  • RabbodirectRabbodirect Registered User
    Thanks! Hadn't come across that one yet its seems ideal

  • CelestialBadgerCelestialBadger Registered User regular
    How about Game Maker?

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