Is it still street art if you don't do it on the street? [Stencil Critiques requested]

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Hi AC!

So I'm a budding stencilist, started a few weeks ago and really like it. And people seem to like what I make.

But I want to know how I can get better, how I can make multi-layered stencils work better, what are some rules of thumb i should be aware of.

Also, should I start a portfolio? How do I start one? Anyways, here's a random selection of my stuff.

First stencil I ever did, period.
First multilayered stencil.


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    i can dig these!

    I don't know much about stenciling, since I usually just use spraypaint by itself. I do however, usually tape off areas with painters tape, so I guess sometimes I use the tape as a stencil. You should try that. It's time consuming, and you'll prob be restricted to one color, but it yields really sharp lines!

    Nice Marceline yo!!

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    I have essential tremor, so most art has been put out of my reach. But it's nice to know somoene digs my work, i've been getting a lot of positive reinforcement from people i know.

    I've started masking off my paintings, especially the multi-layered ones, and it's helped a lot. You can see a lot of the overspray on the hitchcock one, that doesn't happen anymore.

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    Wikipedia wrote:
    Essential tremor (ET) is a progressive neurological disorder of which the most recognizable feature is a tremor of the arms or hands that is apparent during voluntary movements such as eating and writing.[1] This type of tremor is often referred to as "kinetic tremor." The tremor may also occur in the head (neck), jaw and voice as well as other body regions, with the general pattern being that the tremor begins in the arms and then spreads to these other regions in selected patients.

    Mine is mostly in my hands at this point, but it makes drawing almost anything impossible.

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    Its sort of hard to critique this work. I know pretty much nothing about stencil work, so I cant help you with the technical aspects of it. The subject matter also makes it sort of hard to say. None of its bad, really, but there isn't much meat to it. If you want to make stenciling a hobby and do pop culture stuff, You are off to a pretty good start.

    You mention making a portfolio though, which sounds like you may have some higher goals in mind. What is your process for making your stencils? Do you have any favorite artists? You already know the roots of stenciling are in graffiti, but do you have any interest in that? Checking out the history/getting some expansive knowledge of street art may help you become inspired.

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    I can't really say what my goals are at this point. I do see it mostly as a hobby at this point, but I would like to be able to express something, if that's not terribly cliche.

    My process currently is after I have an idea is to rough out a layout in Photoshop, make a vector in illustrator, cut it out with a lasercutter, then tape it off and mask it with masking tape or clear tape.

    My favorite artist would be Howard Finster, Royal Robertson, and Blek Le Rat. I don't have a lot of interest in Graffiti culture, there's just not a big scene here.

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    So two crazy self-taught naive/folk artists, and then the original banksy? That's interesting, as your work has all of the Blek Le Rat and none of the former. If that is the kind of work you admire, I feel like you could probably achieve some painting on a large scale, or some rough drawing. I don't know how severe the tremor is, though.

    Even without pursuing painting or drawing, I would certainly consider your other influences and how that may shape your art. Personally, I think its really easy to just blend in with a lot of street artists doing this kind of stuff. Finding what you want to "say" will be a lot easier if you spread out your influences, and try to mix the things you like into your art, and you will find originality.

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