Art Critiques? (NSFW: Contains Nude Pieces)

I posted a long time ago for a critique and finally got the courage to come back! Since then, I've been working very hard to improve on my anatomy, composition, coloring...pretty much everything. My gallery is small, but I was hoping to ask for your critiques once again. Any feedback is welcome. :)

Redhead - tumblr_m45cffauHi1ro9rflo1_500.jpg
King's Favorite - tumblr_m45cczqFpE1ro9rflo1_500.jpg
Freemartin - tumblr_meud5bvJSE1ro9rflo1_1280.jpg
Beefcake - tumblr_mec49cywPJ1ro9rflo1_r1_500.jpg
Mary Magdalene - tumblr_men61arsE61ro9rflo1_1280.jpg

Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing what you all have to say!
- FanshiiNanshii


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    edited December 2012
    Sorry, it seems like your thread got passed over. It would appear that you have a solid grasp of color and shape, so I guess your practice paid off; I get a good sense of depth and form. My main critique is that your line quality sucks. These look like quick sketch lines (which I assume is what they are), but you haven't replaced them with some solid line work, or removed them in favor of pushing your coloring far enough to define the forms all on its own. So my (far from expert) advice would be to look up some tutorials on line weight, or continue to work on your more painterly techniques.

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