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EverQuest: A Rogue's plea for help

BullioBullio Registered User regular
edited December 2012 in Help / Advice Forum
There's a tl;dr at the bottom, but if you want to read a tale of heartbreak and woe then read on!

So years ago, back when I was playing EQ full-on, my 51 Rogue got up to the point in the Ragebringer epic that required killing General V'ghera. My guild (peck purist guild) got a patchwork raid ready to go to try and get it done. Spawn was relatively clear. I walk in using sneak/hide, and just as I hit the submit button something came up to me and whacked me. Turn-in guy turns around, kills me, and takes my turn-in.

It was such a crushing blow to my morale that I basically quit the class and started working on a twink SK. After a week of this I logged on my rogue and found that my guild had disbanded. I still have no idea as to why they split, but I was guildless at 51 and grouping and guilding prospects were pretty much nonexistant at that point. So I finally said "fuck this", gave anything I had of value to a friend, and quit.

Which brings me to today, in which I've rekindled my love/hate affair with the game that stole my youthful innocense, and the point of this post. I'm looking for someone high level, ideally 70+ (I believe) to come help me murder the General so that I can finally finish my rogue epic and be united with my dear Ragebringer. I'm currently on Zek, so if you have a high end toon there send either Bullio or Vanisk a tell (as those are the dudes I play most) and we'll work something out. I'm willing to compensate if necessary, probably around 1k-2k plat, though I'm willing to negotiate. I'm also open to the idea of moving my rogue to another server if necessary, but I'd rather leave that as an absolute last resort. If ANYONE out there can help me, or even get me in touch with someone who could, please send them my way. It should be easy and not take long, just looking for some help getting my white whale.

tl;dr I need a really high level player to come kill General V'ghera for me so I can complete my Rogue epic after 8 years, willing to pay with plat if necessary.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out in some way!

Bullio on


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    This isn't really what H/A is for. Try the MMO Extravaganza?

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