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Homeland: Late to the Party

WindburnWindburn Registered User regular
I sampled, then devoured Homeland: Season 1 in September. I then promptly subscribed to Showtime for Season 2. Unfortunately, I was late to the party and missed Episodes 1-3. Episode 1 was available for free viewing online...check. I now have all the remaining episodes DVR'd, but I can't watch them until I see 2 and 3.

Options investigated:
Showtime Anytime: My TV provider (Dish Network) is not supported.
Itunes/Amazon: Not available in US yet. If Season 1 is any indication, it won't be available until late summer or early fall 2013.
Hulu/Netflix/Sidereel/etc: Not available.
Reruns: Showtime has not listed any re-runs on their website

1) Does anyone remember if Showtime re-aired Season 1 during early 2012?
2) Any other ideas on where to view (legally) Episodes 2 and 3?

Thank you.


  • LoveIsUnityLoveIsUnity Registered User regular
    I am assuming you've already checked, but does your cable provider have a way to access things on demand? I have DirecTV, and I can watch the entire second season still.

  • jefe414jefe414 "My Other Drill Hole is a Teleporter" Mechagodzilla is Best GodzillaRegistered User regular
    Showtime Anytime is not supported by my provider either (Comcast/Xfinity). However, I can use Xfinity online to watch season 1 and season 2. Does Dish Network have online viewing options?

    Xbox Live: Jefe414
  • StraygatsbyStraygatsby Registered User regular
    I know I've purchased episodes of Dexter on the PS3 network before. I believe Showtime has a distro deal with them. I doubt it'll be current enough to have season 2, but it's worth a look if you have the capability.

  • WindburnWindburn Registered User regular
    Thank you for the suggestions.

    Dish On-Demand does not have Homeland. It seems that Dish Network and Showtime are having trouble playing nice. Considering the negotiation fallout they had with AMC awhile ago, I shouldn't be surprised.

    I will look into the PS3 option.

    Showtime has updated their airing schedule for Homeland and episodes 2 and 3 will air in February 2013, so if all else fails I can record them then.

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