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PAX AUS 2013 Hotel Discussion Thread [link in OP]



  • DanacyrusDanacyrus Gaming Coffee Making Musician BrisbaneRegistered User regular
    edited November 2012
    @DragonBear Definitely would be keen to find some more people looking for somewhere to stay, I've got a reasonable list of places at the moment, and I'd be more than happy to send you some places I've been looking at. I'll send you a message in a minute :)

    Danacyrus on
  • peachykinspeachykins gamer, nurse, baker of delicious noms <3 Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    zerochosen wrote: »
    Riverside +1, and according to the forums somewhere it is almost booked out. And we all know that everything on the forums is true :D

    It's truuee :) According to, there are around two rooms (Annex) left on the Friday and Saturday night of PAX.
    FPFr0sty wrote: »

    There you guys and girls go.. but as you can see some of them dont list pricing pass March next year.
    If I have the time, I may go around to some of the places and ask if I could do a quick tour of the "said rooms" with a camera, for you folks to get a better look into the rooms before you lodge.

    If you're wondering what a certain hotel/apartment is like, try a quick search of the hotel using It has reviews and photos by travellers instead of the professional shots etc. It's normally super helpful :)

  • DanacyrusDanacyrus Gaming Coffee Making Musician BrisbaneRegistered User regular
    The Mod is Psychic..... Creeeeepppy

  • FPFr0styFPFr0sty Registered User regular
    Yer; worse comes to worse.. I do the 20min drive home :|

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Danacyrus wrote: »
    The Mod is Psychic..... Creeeeepppy

    Really it's just that I forgot to do a room share sticky when the hotels went up >.<

    If you want to see examples of how they work, take a look at the pax east subforum.

  • AmmamarieAmmamarie AustraliaRegistered User regular
    @Dragonbear My sister and I are looking at room sharing as well. Currently sussing out 3 bedroom apartment prices for check in Thursday 18th and checkout Monday 21st. We are going share a room so looking for 4 others to go in with us. How much were you looking at spending?

  • djkizzadjkizza Brisbane, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited November 2012
    I have no idea what I'm going to be doing accom-wise. The last few times I've stayed in Melbourne, I've stayed at the 'Space Hotel' formally Victoria Hall ( I found it quite reasonable, but I don't mind shared bathrooms :P

    I'd really like to stay in a place with a few Paxers there to max out the fun bar

    djkizza on
  • DanacyrusDanacyrus Gaming Coffee Making Musician BrisbaneRegistered User regular
    edited November 2012
    Honestly, try

    It's short term apartments and houses, we got an awesome 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house (gorgeous!!!) for $250 (about 40 a night each)a night!

    Especially If you're looking for places to share and get others in on!

    Danacyrus on
  • zerochosenzerochosen WollongongRegistered User regular
    Agreed. I would have done Stayz except I got paranoid about missing out when tickets started selling out so got a place through the PAX site.

    A webcomic by me: Enemy Agency
  • punziepunzie Cookie Pimp Registered User regular
    I reserved a room at Riverside for the American Cookie Brigadiers. When we invade, at least we bring cookies (err... biscuits). ;)

  • zerochosenzerochosen WollongongRegistered User regular
    I'm pretty sure the Riverside Appartments have ovens too, so cookie brigadiers can use mine if they need it :)

    A webcomic by me: Enemy Agency
  • tokyodovetokyodove Perth, WARegistered User regular
    those riverside apartments went quick. completely sold out for the pax week :(

  • zerochosenzerochosen WollongongRegistered User regular
    Yikes! I guess it's good news for the Riverside nerds.

    A webcomic by me: Enemy Agency
  • ninnanuamninnanuam Registered User regular
    I was looking for a room but a fair few places were filling up. I ended up going with punt hill flinders lane.

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