[Caricature] Super Bowl POST-GAME

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So I'm cramming the book "the mad art of caricature" by Tom Richmond, because I have to work a gig Sunday.
I'm gonna post the practice images, and after the gig I will post the people with the drawings I do of them.
For now I just want to know if y'all think I'm coming close or not.

this is your chance to give me a bit of confidence, I'm pretty scared even if you think I don't have reason to be. Live drawings are a different game all together.
On the left is hally berry looking kind of manly due to my exaggerating her chin to widely.
CC will be appreciated

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    Better than I could do. Is this your first book on caricatures, and if not how does it stack up?

    Funny enough I went to amazon to bookmark it just in case and saw : 28 new from $13.90 12 used from $16.54

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    I've only trained under other caricature artists. So this is my first book.
    It's already helped, but I wish I had more time to digest it before work

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    Jessica alba and some dude.

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    I need to work on shortening everything when I try for a wide face.
    Errybody says Justin timber lake looks too old.

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    So here is some of the aftermath. I'm pretty happy overall but copic needs to make a firmer brush or bullet tip for their markers. The tips wear down when you push... Imagine that.
    Im slowly approaching the 200 mark (of pages drawn for customers) now. That's really low, so don't judge me, and don't doubt yourself if you are learning the craft.


    Thanks for looking at my work! I hope it made you smile :)

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